• Before the Fall manga

Heath Munsell (ヒース・マンセル Hīsu Manseru?) was the father of Kuklo Munsell, husband of Elena Munsell, and a squad leader of the Survey Corps.


Heath is killed on an expedition by a Titan known as "Ogre," and his decapitated head is later thrown over the Wall by a Titan.[1] His wife, Elena Munsell, is traumatized after finding his head shortly after.


  • Elena Munsell - It would seem, based on her reaction after his death, that she loved him dearly. So much so that her grief causes her to join the Titan worshippers.
  • Kuklo Munsell - His, at the time, unborn son. They never got a chance to meet each other because he was killed by a Titan before his son was born.