Hitch Dreyse (ヒッチ・ドリス Hitchi Dorisu?) is a member of the Military Police Regiment stationed in Stohess District. She is a graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps, though she is not from the same division Eren Jaeger belonged to.


Hitch has a somewhat catty appearance, with large amber eyes and chin length shaggy, wavy light brown hair. She wears the standard Military Police Regiment uniform like her fellow officers, except she wears a light green shirt underneath.


Hitch acts immature in certain ways, and seems to enjoy teasing and needling her fellow officers. She claims she chose to join the Military Police out of laziness, as it is well known that the senior staff are incredibly corrupt and she wanted to benefit from the system herself, but she did not take into account that, as a newbie, her superiors would dump all their work on her. When Marlo claims to have joined the Military Police for noble reasons, Hitch breaks out into laughter and it is implied that she only got in through dishonorable merits. She does, however, state that she never would have chosen the Military Police if she had known that she would get stuck with all the work, implying that she did in fact earn her way in, and that Boris was merely insulting her.[2]


Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One

Hitch asks Annie to return the favor

Hitch asks Annie to return the favor

On the day before the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Annie Leonhart asks for her roommate Hitch to cover for her absence tomorrow. Hitch agrees, but only on the condition that Annie would accept a task that had been given to Hitch. Her task is to locate Carly Stratmann, daughter of the wealthy merchant Elliot G. Stratmann. Believing that Annie plans to meet a boy tomorrow, she asks who this boy is and is told by Annie that she is meeting a 15-meter Titan. Hitch believes Annie is making a bad joke.[3]

Later that day when Annie sets out to begin her search, Hitch takes the ferry into town and thanks Annie for taking her assignment as she passes by.[3]

Assault on Stohess arc

A few days after the 57th Scouting Mission, Hitch tries teasing Annie for sleeping late, and Boris Feulner tells her to leave Annie alone. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of their superior, who assigns them to protect the Scout Regiment escorts carrying Eren Jaeger through Stohess District that day.

Hitch breaks down in laughter

Hitch breaks down in laughter at Marlo's notions

Hitch is later seen in the courtyard with her fellow soldiers, complaining about the harsh amount of work loaded onto the new recruits. When Marlo Freudenberg begins to lecture the group and claims to be the one who will fix up the MPs, Hitch breaks down in laughter at his ideas.

The group are later seen patrolling the streets, on their way to their stations for their work that day. They see some of their superiors selling off their equipment to the market and Marlo goes to confront them. However, they begin seriously beating him and Hitch and Annie are forced to intervene, with Hitch apologizing to them on Marlo's behalf.[2]

Hitch and Marlo watch the destruction of Stohess

Hitch and Marlo watch the destruction of Stohess District

After the fight between Annie Leonhart and Eren begins, Stohess is in utter ruin and Hitch can be seen on a rooftop with Marlo and her other comrades, questioning why there would be Titans fighting inside of Wall Sina.[4]

Clash of the Titans arc

In the aftermath of Eren and Annie's brawl in Stohess, Hitch and Marlo are seen looking at the rubble from the buildings and bodies scattered all over. Hitch notes that the scummiest of all, is that there is not an "official" reason to why all these people died.[5]


Hitch's actual abilities are unknown, as she has never participated in combat. Boris Feulner suggests she lacks the abilities necessary to have been placed in the Military Police through honest means. Despite this, she shows keen abilities of persuasion when Marlo is being beaten.

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