• Before the Fall manga

Holger (ホルガー Horugā?) is a soldier of the Survey Corps who participated in the expedition where Commander Jorge Pikale and Angel Aaltonen investigated a restrained Titan. He appears in the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga.


Holger is a tall man of medium build. His hair is dark and cut short, and he has a thin mustache. He wears the standard uniform of the Survey Corps at the time of Before the Fall.


In an expedition beyond the Walls where the Survey Corps restrains a living Titan for Angel Aaltonen and Commander Jorge Pikale to investigate, Holger stands guard among the many other soldiers.[1] Not long afterward, when the Survey Corps is attacked by Mammon and several other Titans, Holger is one of the few solders to maintain his composure, urging the others to heed Jorge's order to retreat.[2] Jorge orders Holger to rally the panicked troops before they can retreat to Shiganshina District.[3] It is unknown if he was among the 18 participants of the expedition to return to Shiganshina.[4]



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