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Talking Titan The subject of this article has no official name.
It is a fan-given name as substitute for lack thereof, and should not be considered as part of the Attack on Titan universe.
Quote1 The Superior Officers and everyone else say that you came from the Underground like it's a bad thing, but...wasn't living in the Underground rough?" Quote2
— To Isabel Magnolia[1]

The horse trainer is one of the soldiers of the Survey Corps.


The Horse Trainer is surprised by Isabel's quick learning

The horse trainer approaching Isabel during her training

The horse trainer has light brown hair and pale hazel-green eyes. Her hair is in a similar style to that of Mina Carolina, separated into pigtails and hung over her shoulders. Unlike Mina, her hair is very long, going down to her shoulder blades. The horse trainer also has shaggy bangs that are cut across her forehead. Her expression is often soft and nurturing when she is relaxed; but outside of the Walls she is appears monotone and calm as she scans the area for threats. She is only ever seen wearing the typical uniform of a Survey Corps soldier with a white button up shirt underneath. However, on missions she will wear the traditional green cloak as most scouts do.


Unlike the rest of her fellow soldiers, she seems interested in getting to know Isabel, and conversed with her a few times during their training session, while everyone else seemed to keep a fair distance. This suggests she is a lot more open than her comrades, welcoming change and strangers. She appears as a very accepting and caring person, but a disciplined soldier.


Attack on Titan: No Regrets

Survey Corps Girl Talking with Isabelle

Horse training with Isabel Magnolia

While watching Isabel train, the horse trainer comments on how surprised she is by how quickly the young woman took to riding horses despite having no experience.[2] When talking to Isabel, she refers to her fellow soldiers thinking that coming from the Underground was a bad thing, however she was far more concerned with it being a tough and harsh environment
The horse trainer looks to Levi

Horse Trainer inquiring about Furlan

for someone to live in. She asks Isabel if living in the Underground was rough and Isabel openly explains that it was for a long time, but when Levi came along and saved her, living there became a little more bearable. Isabel also claims that Levi is the strongest, even Underground. When the Horse Trainer inquires about Furlan, Isabel trails off, suggesting Furlan is not as good.[3]

It is most likely she accompanied Levi, Isabel Magnolia and Furlan Church during their first expedition beyond the walls, however it is possible that she also remained behind as she is not seen or mentioned at all during any point of the mission. If she did go with them, her contributions to the mission are unknown as was her place in Erwin Smith's long range scouting formation that was tested during that mission.


  • Isabel Magnolia - The horse trainer is seen conversing quite casually with Isabel during her training, appearing to be on casual, good terms with one another. She did not hesitate to warn Isabel outside the Walls about being too careless, worrying for her fellow soldier's safety.
  • Levi - Although they never formally spoke, Levi was an object of admiration in the corps due to his skill and mystery. The horse trainer heard good things about him from Isabel when they spoke, and was among the many soldiers who were impressed with his skill when taking down an Abnormal Titan on his first outing.
  • Furlan Church - Furlan and the horse trainer were never shown speaking, but he was grouped in with the admiration of Levi for his skill and mystery upon joining the Survey Corps with no prior training. Whilst talking to Isabel, she asked about Furlan, but did not get much information on him from his companion, showing her obvious preference for Levi.


  • A horse is a herd animal, which means it is not difficult to build a connection with it. This means it is unlikely the horse trainer was the only one with this job in the Survey Corps.



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