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The Jaeger family (イェーガー家 Yēgā-ke?) is the family where the protagonist of Attack on Titan, Eren Jaeger, hails from. They also legally adopted Mikasa Ackermann in the year 844.[1][2] They were originally stationed at Shiganshina District on the southern edge of Wall Maria.[3]


Around twenty years ago, a plague hit Shiganshina District and was cured by Grisha Jaeger.[3] Some time later, Grisha married Carla Jaeger and together they had a son named Eren.

In the year 844, Grisha and his son Eren went to the Ackermanns' house for a medical visit, and found that Mr. and Mrs. Ackermann had been murdered, and their daughter Mikasa had been kidnapped. Grisha went to call the police, and despite his warning to wait downstairs, Eren alone tracked the kidnappers down, killed two of them, and freed Mikasa. After the third kidnapper appeared and began strangling Eren, Mikasa followed Eren's warnings and killed the criminal. Mikasa was then adopted by the Jaegers.[1]


The Fall of Shiganshina arc

In year 845, after Eren and Carla have a discussion about Eren's wish to join the Scout Regiment, and Grisha promises him to show him an important secret he is hiding in the basement, and then leaves to work. A still upset Eren flees from the house and Carla sends Mikasa after him. But while the three are away from home, the Colossal and Armored Titans breach the Wall of Shiganshina and a flood of Titans invades the district. One of the debris that flies out of the Wall due to the Colossal Titan's kick falls on the Jaegers' house, destroying it and crushing Carla's legs. Despite Eren and Mikasa's attempts to rescue her, Hannes drags them from there when a smiling Titan approaches. The kids then impotently witness as a helpless Carla is murdered and eaten by the Titan.[3]

After that night, Eren wakes up with no memory of his last moments with his father, but he still retained the key and after that day he always wore it around his neck. The two kids and their best friend Armin apparently live alone for the next two years and helped in the fields. In year 847 they enlist in the 104th Cadet Corps[4] and three years later, the three graduate and join the Scout Regiment.[5]



Eren anime character image
Eren Jaeger


Grisha character image
Grisha Jaeger ?

Political members


Carla character image
Carla Jaeger 

Legal members


Mikasa Ackerman character image
Mikasa Ackermann



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