• Before the Fall manga

Jentsch Dafner (イェンチ・ダフネル Yenchi Dafuneru?) is a captain of the Military Police Brigade and the commander of the Military Police forces in the Industrial City at the time of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga. He and Bauduin Bernhart are both considered possible candidates to become the next Commander of the Military Police.


Jentsch has refined cheekbones and a sharp face shape. He has a pair of sideburns, tight-knit eyebrows and side-swept hair, parted to the right. He is an overall tall and large man. Jentsch wears the standard Military Police uniform; he wears a collared shirt underneath his jacket.


Jentsch appears to be a man of confidence. He is a man of high stature and is regarded with respect among his peers. Jentsch seems more friendly rather than intimidating, as shown when he welcomed "Klow" and "Carl" to the Industrial City.[1]


Visit to the Industrial City arc

When Xenophon requests access to the thicket of iron bamboo, Jentsch's men are hesitant on letting in outsiders, namely Kuklo and Cardina. However, Jentsch welcomes them with open arms to their city when he sees that Jorge Pikale brought them.[1]