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Survey Corps Commanders
◄ Preceded by Jorge Pikale
Followed by ►
Unknown Vacant, eventually Carlo Pikale

Jorge Pikale (ホルヘ・ピケール Horuhe Pikēru?) was the Commander of the Survey Corps during the time of Attack on Titan: Before the Fall. He stepped down from his position to become the trainer of the next batch of recruits. He was also believed to be the first human being to kill a Titan by using the prototype vertical maneuvering equipment, earning him the title 'Jorge the Hero.'


In the first of the three Before the Fall light novels, Jorge is shown to have short-cut dark hair as well as a goatee with a thin mustache.

In the manga, Jorge is an older gentleman with long, thin, shoulder-length hair. He wears a confident expression with thick, striking eyebrows, and a dark-colored mustache. During his time in the Survey Corps he wore the standard uniform of that time. After stepping down, he later dons an instructor of the Trainee Corps uniform.


Jorge is an experienced individual as the former Commander of the Survey Corps. Although Jorge is a man of high status, he still retains a sense of humility while being confident in himself, and is willing to fight for the rights of humanity.


After Carlo Pikale contacts him about an urgent matter, he disguises himself as a Military Police soldier in order to sneak Kuklo the knife Sharle Inocencio lent him. After the carriage whisks Kuklo and Cardina Baumeister, and several other prisoners, outside Wall Maria into Titan territory. Jorge makes his way on top of the Walls, where he waves a lantern to signal to Kuklo where to go.


  • It is revealed that, after Angel disappeared, Jorge accepted the credit for killing the Titan that Angel killed (despite his disgust in doing so) in order to secure more funds for the Survey Corps.