• Before the Fall manga

Julian (ユリアン Yurian?) was a soldier of the Survey Corps who participated in the expedition where Commander Jorge Pikale and Angel Aaltonen investigated a restrained Titan. He appears in the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga.


Julian had long dark hair tied back in a long ponytail. He wore the standard uniform of the Survey Corps at the time of Before the Fall.


When the expedition beyond Wall Maria is jeopardized by the arrival of Mammon and several other Titans, Julian charges recklessly at Mammon in the hopes of defeating or harming the Titan. Carlo Pikale calls out desperately to Julian as Mammon kills several other soldiers, but Commander Jorge Pikale informs Carlo that Julian and the others are not able to hear him. Julian dies in his confrontation with Mammon, alongside many other panicked soldiers of the Survey Corps.[1]