The Karanes District (カラネス区 Karanesu-ku?) is a town located on the east edge of Wall Rose. It is the hometown of Mina Carolina,[citation needed] as well as the current home of Nile Dok's wife, Marie, and their three children.[1]


The Female Titan arc

The Survey Corps launched the 57th expedition from Karanes, as trial for a future mission with the objective of reaching Eren's basement, in the Shiganshina District. Because the outer gate of Trost District was sealed after the attack by the Colossus Titan, the Karanes District is now the town that offers the shortest travel route.[2] However, due to the attack by the Female Titan, the mission fails, and the expedition is forced to return to the Karanes District with heavy losses, another loss of morale, and yet another loss of support.[3]



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