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Keith Sadies (キース・シャーディス Kīsu Shādisu?) is a teacher in Titan Junior High School.


Along with his old scruffy appearance, Keith sports a goatee and has sunken eyes. He can be seen wearing a green trench coat on top of his dark-gray shirt and white pants.


Keith acts intimidating towards the students of Junior High. He is a patriotic teacher to his school, often reprimanding the students who misbehave and even punishes them accordingly if need be.


Keith introduces himself as class 1-4's homeroom teacher. He orders the students of the class to do the same, but catches Sasha sneaking her food into the class and eating it. He punishes her before the entrance ceremony. Keith attends the entrance ceremony.[1] Keith reminds his students to submit their club admission forms in by the next day. He ends up sorting them into the Wall Cleanup Club.[2]