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Lady Reiss was the wife of Rod Reiss and the biological mother of Dirk, Urklyn, Frieda, Florian, and Abel Reiss. She was also the step-mother of Historia Reiss.[2]


Lady Reiss was an older woman with pushed-back blonde hair and wrinkles on her face. She has been seen wearing a plain white robe and a white v-neck dress with a black waist band and white sandals, the uniform for female Reiss family members during family gatherings. Like most of the family, with the exception of her oldest son, Urklyn, and oldest daughter, Frieda, she was short; centimeters shorter than her husband.[2]


Not much is known about her. However, it is stated that she cared for her children because she died trying to protect her daughter, Florian, from Grisha Yeager.[3]


Lady Reiss dies

Lady Reiss and Florian Reiss die after being stomped by Grisha

A few years before year 845, Lady Reiss seemed to realize that her husband had a mistress in the family maidservant, Alma, and made her husband move Alma to her home place. It is unknown whether or not she knew that Alma had her husband's baby and, if she knew, what she thought about Historia, her stepdaughter. In the year 842, she watched the death of Uri Reiss, who inherited the First King's power to Frieda Reiss. When Frieda's Titan form tried to eat Uri, she was shedding tears, next to her husband Rod Reiss and her other family members, which excluded the youngest sibling Florian Reiss.[4]

In the year 845, when the Wall Maria fell, Grisha Yeager invaded the Reiss Chapel. She was seen comforting her daughter, Florian, who clung to her. When Frieda failed to stop Grisha and had her powers and life stolen, he proceeded to kill most of Reiss family members in his Titan form, including Lady Reiss herself. According to Rod Reiss, she was stomped by Grisha, which also killed Florian Reiss, her daughter that she was holding.[5]


  • Rod Reiss - She shared some love for him, as shown by how she clung to Rod's shoulder when Uri died. It is unknown if Rod felt the same way, as he mentioned that Alma was the only person who understood him.