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Liberio (レベリオ Reberio?, also translated as Rebellio) is a Marleyan city that contains an internment zone (収容区 Shūyō-ku?), a designated area of land for Eldians on the mainland to live in. It is the hometown (故郷 Kokyō?) of many of the Warriors as well as Grisha Yeager.


At the end of the Great Titan War, King Karl Fritz and many Eldians settled on the island of Paradis, fleeing from the mainland war. However, some Eldians stayed behind on the continent were overtaken by Marley, the enemy nation.

Helos character image

The statue of Helos at Liberio headquarters

Rather than slaughtering the remaining Eldians on the continental mainland, the nation of Marley chose to isolate the Eldians into designated internment zones.[1] While Marley claimed to be extending mercy towards the devil's descendants, the internment zones were in reality created to store Eldians until the Founding Titan could be acquired from the King of the Walls on Paradis in the future. Around this time, a statue of the Marleyan hero Helos is commissioned and built.[2]

One of the internment zones established on the mainland was within the city of Liberio. In Grisha Yeager's childhood, he and his family lived a quiet life in Liberio until Grisha decided to wander beyond the internment zone walls with his sister Faye without authorization. They were found by Public Security Authority officers Kruger and Gross, the former punishing Grisha while the latter claimed to escort Faye back to Liberio. In reality, Gross had taken Faye to his home and fed her to his sons' dogs, leaving her corpse by the river near Liberio. This event shattered Grisha's respect for his unresponsive father and kindled a self-hatred over his foolish decision.[3]

Eldia Restorationists

Grisha joined the Restorationist movement

After some years had passed, Grisha joined the Eldia Restorationists, a secret rebellious group in Liberio who, while cooperating with the Eldian spy under the alias "the Owl," sought to restore Eldia's former glory. There he met Dina Fritz, the last descendant of the members of the royal family which remained behind on the mainland after the war.[4] Grisha married Dina a year after joining the Restorationists, and together they became the parents of a child named Zeke, whose royal blood Grisha planned to exploit for Eldia's favor in the future.

Years later, the Marley government announced to the people of Liberio that a Warrior program would accept Eldian children between the ages of five to seven to inherit the powers of the seven Titans that Marley had taken during the war.[5] Seeing an opportunity, Grisha sent his son Zeke into the Warriors to act as a double agent for Eldia. However, when Zeke turned seven, he betrayed the Eldia Restorationists to the Public Security Authorities, who arrested them all and sent them away to the island of Paradis to become mindless Titans.[6][7]

A decade after the capture of the Eldia Restorationists, Gabi Braun was born in the Liberio Internment Zone.

Annie and her father

Annie's father apologized to her

Before the Paradis Island Operation, Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, and her father lived their days in Liberio, a place which Reiner and Bertolt would later refer to only as their "hometown." Before Annie's departure from Liberio, her father ensured her that he would support her even if all the world hated her, and that he would only ask that she would return home.[8]

During their days spent in the 104th Training Corps, Reiner and Bertolt claimed that their hometown was within the southeastern mountainous region of Wall Maria and that their town had been overrun by Titans without warning during the fall of Wall Maria. Reiner in particular expressed a strong desire to return to his hometown in the future.[9]


Clash of the Titans arc

During the Wall Rose invasion when the Survey Corps recruits battle the Titans at Utgard Castle, Reiner comes close to death by a Titan and fears for the end of his life before he is saved by Bertolt. At this time he strengthens his will, filled with determination to return to his hometown. He shares his resolve with Bertolt, who understands the true meaning of what Reiner says and agrees with his hopeful words.[10]

Reiner reveals their identities

Reiner asks Eren to come with him to his and Bertolt's hometown

The next morning, Reiner begins to lose hope for his situation due to the injury inflicted on his arm at Utgard; Bertolt encourages him by reminding him of their imminent return to their hometown. Not long afterward, the two reveal their Titan identities as the Armored and Colossus Titans and attempt to capture Eren Yeager, whom they must bring to their hometown as part of the plan to regain the Founder.[11] They succeed in capturing him and escape to a Titan Forest.[12]

While in the Titan forest, Reiner reminds Bertolt that their most favorable course of action is to return Annie Leonhart, Historia Reiss, and the "Coordinate" to their hometown in order for their mission to be complete. Reiner also suggests that Bertolt should confess his true feelings to Annie upon their return, but Bertolt denies any such affections.[13] Later, when Reiner and Bertolt attempt to escape with their captives Eren and Ymir, they inform the others that Eren's life is not up for negotiation and that he is going to be taken to their hometown. Armin taunted Bertolt at the thought of leaving Annie behind, causing him to attempt an attack and exposing a vulnerable moment for Erwin Smith to free Eren.[14]

Ymir and the fleeing Warriors arrive in the ruins of Shiganshina District later that night, where Reiner lets Ymir know that her rescue is hopeless if they take her to their hometown. Ymir accepts her fate, believing that she owes Reiner and Bertolt a favor for indirectly freeing her from her life as a Titan five years before.[15]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Hange Levi Eren and Mikasa see the photograph

The Survey Corps find out about Grisha's previous life in Liberio

In the aftermath of the battle of Shiganshina District, the surviving members of the Survey Corps learn of the existence of Liberio and the rest of the outside world through Grisha Yeager's autobiographical writings, kept hidden in the basement of his former home.[16]

Marley arc

Four years later, the nation of Marley is victorious against the Mid-East Allied Forces. Gabi Braun, a candidate to inherit the Armored Titan, as well as her other Warrior cadet comrades and the rest of the Eldian forces return to Liberio by train.[17]

After arriving, the Eldians are chaperoned through the city, back into the Liberio internment zone by Commander Magath, where they reunite with their families.[18] The injured Eldian soldiers are also taken to the internment zone's hospital.[19] Among these injured soldiers is a man who goes by the name "Mister Kruger". One of the current Warrior cadets, Falco Grice, meets Kruger and grows to respect the soldier; he delivers numerous letters for Kruger to an unregulated postbox outside the internment zone.[20]

Tybur family

The Tybur family visits Liberio

The Tybur family visits Liberio so Willy Tybur, the head of the family, can see the statue of Helos at the military's headquarters. He meets with Commander Magath and Magath realizes that Willy arranged for this meeting to happen with him rather than his superior.[21]

One month later, Willy calls upon the world's nations to hold a festival in Liberio's internment zone, where he plans to declare that Paradis will be captured within a year.[22] Before the festival, he meets with Magath to discuss the progression of their plan to reform the military. The two also are aware that Marley has been infiltrated.[23]

Willy makes a toast

Willy Tybur addresses the foreign ambassadors concerning his speech the next day

The day before the festival, foreign ambassadors from multiple nations come to Liberio, and enjoy wine and finery served by the Warrior cadets. They are addressed by Willy concerning his plans to reveal all in the internment zone the next day.[24]

Before the festival, Willy and Magath discuss the outside threat to the production. Together, they devise plans to optimize the situation in the event of an attack, placing the army officials and Eldian civilians in unfavorable seating positions. Magath expresses concern for Willy's safety, but Willy is adamant that he must be among the victims if the world is to believe in the Eldian threat.[25]

The festival is held, with numerous people setting up stalls in order to impress foreign visitors. The people of the internment zone also partake in the celebration over the course of the day.[26] At night, crowds of civilians, army officials, and foreign ambassadors gather to hear Willy's speech. Before the curtain rises, Falco Grice asks for a moment of Reiner's time, and leads him to a basement where "Mister Kruger," now identifiable as Eren, awaits.[27]

Willy laments Eldia's survival

Willy Tybur's speech at the Festival

The curtain rises and Willy takes the stage, beginning his speech with a production recounting the history of the world, and the horrors of the Titans.[28] In an interlude, the Warriors Pieck and Porco Galliard are summoned by a soldier of unknown allegiance, who tricks them a Warrior confinement area.[29] When Willy returns to the stage, he reveals that the understood history of the world is in fact a lie. He explains that it was a fabrication perpetuated by the Tybur family on behalf of the true hero to the world, the peace-seeking Karl Fritz. Despite this fact, Willy explains to the crowd that a threat to world peace has now appeared, and that threat is Eren Yeager.[30]

Meanwhile, Eren commands Reiner and Falco to remain in the room with him by threatening the civilians in the building above. The three talk about why Eren came to Marley, and likewise why Reiner came to Paradis.[31] The two draw similarities between each other and Eren says that he understands Reiner now.[32]

Eren breaks through the building above Willy

The Attack Titan accepts Willy's declaration of war

Willy draws his speech to a conclusion with a plea to the ambassadors of other nations to unite in the fight against Paradis. As Willy declares war on Paradis, Eren transforms into the Attack Titan, emerging from the building behind Willy and crushing the stage. This attack sends debris flying into the crowd, and kills Willy.[33][34]

The Attack Titan begins a rampage, slaughtering key military personnel with little regard for collateral damage. The massacre sends pandemonium into the crowd, creating a human stampede as people rush to escape the area surrounding the stands.[35]

The War Hammer transforms

The War Hammer Titan appears

Having survived the collapsed stage, Willy's sister praises her brother's legacy and transforms into the War Hammer Titan. Eren rapidly changes his target and begins assaulting the Titan.[36] During the ensuing battle, Willy's sister receives aid from Magath's soldiers and decapitates Eren's Titan with her Titan's signature war-hammer. Before he can be slain, Eren calls upon Mikasa Ackerman who detonates a high number of Thunder Spears in the War Hammer's nape.[37]

Meanwhile, Pieck and Galliard escape their confinement area with help from the Cart Titan's panzer unit. When coordinating their counter-attack, they notice the emergence of the Survey Corps armed in anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment.[38]

The Survey Corps blow up the room where Magath was hiding

The Survey Corps attacks

The Survey Corps begin their attack in earnest, shooting down the Marleyan infantry arming anti-Titan artillery, as well as any armed public security authorities in the area.[39] A group of soldiers led by Floch set fire to residential buildings. He does not distinguish between civilians and soldiers, holding all of humanity outside the Walls accountable for what was done to Paradis.[40] The Corps blocks off roads and installs lights on top of buildings as part of a plan.[41]

Inside the relative safety of a building, Magath calls in thirty thousand soldiers stationed nearby. He instructs them to seal off the internment zone to prevent the escape of any of the enemy soldiers.[42]

The Survey Corps versus Marley's Warriors

The Survey Corps and the Warriors face off

Meanwhile, the War Hammer Titan returns to its feet and tries to kill Eren with a projectile created from hardening.[43] Realizing the true nature of the Titan, Eren has Mikasa distract it while he retakes Titan form and pries the crystal encapsulating Ms. Tybur out from underneath the stage. He prepares to consume the crystal, though the assault of the Jaw Titan and later the Cart Titan create a distraction until the War Hammer Titan is able to reform and impale the Attacker onto a tree like structure. As the Beast Titan approaches, the nearby Survey Corps prepare to face off against Marley's Warriors.[44]

The ensuing conflict between the two forces wrecks havoc in the vicinity, with the Warriors generally controlling the flow of battle. Falco awakes and finds Reiner's unconscious body, having partially transformed to protect them from Eren's initial transformation. He leaves to go find him help and finds Magath, watching the battle unfold from nearby. While alerting him to Reiner's condition, the two are joined by Gabi.[45]

The Colossus Titan appears in Marley

The Colossus Titan appears in Marley

In the nearby harbor, the navy forces summoned to Liberio prepare to dock their battleships nearby. The transformation of Armin Arlert into the Colossus Titan prevents this, destroying the ships and sending a shock-wave into the internment zone.[46] Armin leads the Survey Corps' airship over the city where they follow the lights previously set by Jean's squad.[47]

The battle continues with a decisive reversal of dominance in the Survey Corps' favor. The Beast Titan is neutralized by Levi, using blades and explosives, and the Cart Titan is overwhelmed by Jean's squad using Thunder Spears.[48] Jean attempts to finish her off, but his Thunder Spear misses. Pieck uses the opportunity to emerge from her Titan, and Magath and other Marleyan soldiers provide Falco with cover fire, so he and Gabi can drag her to safety.[49]

Eren manages to defeat Galliard's Jaw Titan and uses its jaws to crush the crystal containing Willy's sister. He swallows the fluids that drain from her body. In response screaming from Falco and Gabi, Reiner reluctantly wakes up and partially transforms into his Titan, though it is missing its armor. He saves Galliard from being killed by Eren, though he is too weak to accomplish more than that. Eren exits his Titan and departs while Reiner is unable to stand.[50]


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