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Quote1 I'll kill the Titans! Kill the Titans! Quote2
— Lil after Fukushi's death

Lil (リル Riru?) was a new recruit for the Scout Regiment in the live-action film Attack on Titan. She was portrayed by Rina Takeda.


Lil was a young woman with black hair that passed her shoulders. She wore the standard Scout Regiment uniform, with a creme colored shirt beneath her jacket.


Lil was a nice person. She cared very much for her comrades and her lover, Fukushi, the two planning on getting married after returning to the Walls. After his death, Lil wanted to avenge him and did so by lighting off the rest of the explosives and diving headfirst into the Titans, sacrificing herself.


Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1

Lil joined the Scout Regiment with her boyfriend, Fukushi. The two plan to marry after returning from the mission. When Jean said that everybody is going to die on the expedition, Lil is agitated, but Fukushi calms her down.

Later, Lil and Fukushi go into the building Eren and Hiana are in and make out. When the Titans invade, Fukushi is grabbed and bitten in half. Lil tries to revive him with CPR, but Souda tells her to stop, because he is dead. As Souda drags her away, Lil vows the kill all the Titans.

When a thief takes one of the vehicles full of explosives, Lil lights them on fire and kicks the man out of the driver seat. After a small fight, Lil kicks him out and drives the vehicle into a mass of nearby Titans. The explosives go off and damage them, but Lil is killed in the process.


  • Fukushi - Lil was in love with Fukushi and was totally devoted to him. When he was bitten in half, she was devastated and avenged his death by diving headfirst into the Titans with explosives.

People Killed

  • Herself (Self-sacrifice)


  • Lil functioned as a replacement for Hannah, with both having similar roles.
  • In the novelization of the films, it is revealed that, when she was young, Lil's father taught her a number of martial arts techniques, including moves he invented himself. This means that Lil could also serve as the live-action counterpart of Annie Leonhart, who received similar training from her father.