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This is a list of all the OVA episodes from the Attack on Titan anime.


The original video animation (OVA) episodes are special episodes that were not aired during the original season but released alongside select volumes of the manga. So far, all OVAs excluding OVA 3 have been officially released in English, included in the English special editions of Volumes 17 - 20.[1][2][3][4]

Number Title Card Title Release date
(Ep. 3.5)
Attack on Titan - Episode 3.5 Title Card
Ilse's Notebook: Record of a Fallen Soldier
 (イルゼの手帳 ―ある調査兵団員の手記― Iruze no Techō -Aru Chōsa Heidan'in no Shuki-?)
December 9, 2013
During the 49th Exterior Scouting Mission, Section Commander Hange Zoë and Captain Levi encounter an Abnormal Titan which leads them to the site of Ilse Langnar's death. Ilse's notebook reveals that one year ago, she had encountered that same Titan which spoke to her, but it killed her afterwards when she attempted to question it. The discovery convinces Commander Erwin Smith to approve resuming attempts at capturing Titans.

Number Title Card Title Release date
(Ep. 3.25)
Attack on Titan - Episode 3.25 Title Card
A Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Adolescence
 (突然の来訪者 ―苛まれる青春の呪い― Totsuzen no Raihōsha -Sainamareru Seishun no Noroi-?)
April 9, 2014
An argument breaks out between Jean and Sasha after a Cadet Corps training exercise in Trost, and a drunken Commander Pyxis decides that the fight will be resolved with a cook-off. Jean later receives an omelet from his mother, but he drives her away in embarrassment. However, Jean ends up using the omelet in the cook-off and wins against Sasha's cooked meat. Jean and Sasha make peace, and Jean decides to pay a visit to his mother.

Number Title Card Title Release date
(Ep. 3.75)
Attack on Titan - Episode 3.75 Title Card
 (困難 Konnan?)
August 8, 2014
During a 104th Cadet Corps wilderness exercise in which Jean and Eren once again display their rivalry, a gang of thieves steals the cadets' ODM gear and takes Christa as a hostage. The cadets put aside their differences to rescue Christa and their equipment, and together they overpower the thieves. When Armin later reports the situation to the instructor, he wonders if the attack was a part of their training all along.

Number Title Card Title Release date
(Ep. 0.5A)
Attack on Titan - Episode 0.5A Title Card
A Choice with No Regrets: Part One
 (悔いなき選択 (前編) Kui Naki Sentaku (Zenpen)?)
December 9, 2014
In the underground, Levi and Furlan allow Isabel to join their criminal group and train her in the use of ODM gear. Soon after, they are offered an anonymous job with the reward of money and citizenship on the surface. During this job, they are caught by the Scout Regiment, led by Section Commander Erwin Smith. Recognizing their talents, he offers to overlook their crimes if they join the Scouts, and Levi reluctantly accepts the offer.

Number Title Card Title Release date
(Ep. 0.5B)
Attack on Titan - Episode 0.5B Title Card
A Choice with No Regrets: Part Two
 (悔いなき選択 (後編) Kui Naki Sentaku (Kōhen)?)
April 9, 2015
After Levi, Furlan and Isabel have joined the Scout Regiment, the former thugs plan to kill Erwin Smith and steal some documents during the scouting mission, as this was the job they were assigned to. However, during the 23rd Exterior Scouting Mission, Furlan and Isabel are killed by an Abnormal Titan. After Levi kills the Titan, Erwin reveals he knew all along of the true intentions of the trio, and encourages Levi not to regret his decisions. Levi decides to stay in the Scout Regiment and follow Erwin's orders from that day forward.


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