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This is a list of all the episodes from the Attack on Titan anime's second season.


These episodes were aired during the original run of the anime series from April 1, 2017 to June 17, 2017 on Mainichi Broadcasting System in Japan.

Number Title Card Title Release date
Attack on Titan - Episode 26 Title Card
Beast Titan
 (獣の巨人 Kemono no Kyojin?)
April 1, 2017

Hange interrogates Pastor Nick after discovering a Titan within the Wall, but gains no valuable information. 12 hours earlier, Titans are spotted southwards by Miche Zacharius, whilst watching suspect recruits. The soldiers ride out to warn civilians. Miche splits off to engage the spotted Titans alone.

The main Scout contingent is warned of the invasion. Miche kills 5 of the 9 Titans, and goes to leave. However a beast-like Titan throws his horse at him, causing him to fall to the ground. He is questioned by the Beast, but stays silent. It takes his ODM gear, and has the nearby Titans eat Miche.

Number Title Card Title Release date
Attack on Titan - Episode 27 Title Card
I'm Home
 (ただいま Tadaima?)
April 8, 2017
In Trost, Commander Pyxis receives news of Wall Rose's breach. In Stohess, the Scout Regiment sets out to assist in the crisis in Wall Rose. While Armin theorizes about the nature of the Wall Titans, Section Commander Hange brings Pastor Nick with them on their way to Ehrmich to see if seeing the refugees will change his mind about keeping silent concerning the Walls' secrets.

Earlier that day, Sasha remembers her past with her father during the influx of refugees from the fall of Wall Maria, where she had to accept befriending new people. Coming to a new village, Sasha saves a child from a 3-meter Titan and recalls her days in the 104th Cadet Corps where Christa defended her choice of speech while Ymir scolded her for pretending to live as someone else. Sasha tells the child to run as she uses a bow and arrow to blind the Titan, barely escaping with her life. She later reunites with her father, who has saved the child and is assisting in the crisis.

Elsewhere, Conny arrives in his village and searches for his family, seeing nothing but ruined buildings. Upon arriving at his house, he sees a small-limbed Titan laying in the ruins of his home with no clear sign as to how it got there.

Number Title Card Title Release date
Attack on Titan - Episode 28 Title Card
 (南西へ Nansei e?)
April 15, 2017
The scouts prepare to depart from Ragako as Conny mourns the missing villagers. As he mounts his horse, the Titan atop his house welcomes him home. Conny is frozen in shock until Reiner comes to his side, urging him to join their team before they are left behind. Elsewhere in Wall Rose, Nanaba's team begins surveying the Wall for a breach. Christa wonders why Ymir shows so much concern for her, but Ymir insists that she is acting for her own needs. Elsewhere in Wall Rose, the Garrison establishes a defensive line while simultaneously searching for the hole in the Wall.

At night, Gelgar's team cautiously inspects the Wall until they come across Nanaba's team. Both teams report sighting no breach in Wall Rose, and decide to camp at Utgard Castle before searching again in the morning. Within Wall Sina, Hange reveals that in Stohess her research showed that the Female Titan's crystalline skin is identical in composition to the Walls' substance, proposing that Eren may be able to seal the breach in Wall Maria with Titan hardening power. Eren agrees to this future task. In Ehrmich, Levi shows Pastor Nick the refugees from Wall Rose, reminding him of the devastation a lost Wall yields, but Nick still admits he is unable to speak. However, Nick reveals the identity of a girl in the Scout Regiment who is able to reveal what the Order of the Walls cannot. Sasha arrives with news from Commander Erwin, and the scouts prepare to venture into Wall Rose.

At Utgard, Reiner confronts Ymir, but their meeting is interrupted when Titans are spotted inexplicably moving at night around the fort, the Beast Titan among them. As the Beast Titan climbs Wall Rose, the leaders of the scouts prepare to fight against the Titans. Elsewhere, the scouts from Stohess District prepare to assist in the search for the breach in Wall Rose, beginning at Utgard Castle.

Number Title Card Title Release date
Attack on Titan - Episode 29 Title Card
 (兵士 Heishi?)
April 22, 2017
At Utgard Castle, the scouts prepare to battle the Titans. Two hours earlier, the recruits had discussed Conny's village and the Titan he found atop his house, though Ymir trivialized his concerns. Later, Reiner visits Ymir as she searches for food and hands him a can of herring. However, Reiner is unable to read the writing on the can and wonders how Ymir is able to understand it.

Before she can explain, Lynne alerts the scouts of the approaching Titans. As the senior officers battle the Titans in the open, the recruits are left to ensure the Titans do not infiltrate the castle. Reiner heads down alone to check for Titans and comes across one at the lower levels, barricading the door as best he can. When the Titan nearly catches him, he recalls a day five years ago where he and Bertholdt witnessed a friend getting eaten by a Titan. The others come to his rescue and send a cannon to block the doorway, but a smaller Titan steps through and attacks Conny.

Reiner defends Conny and the recruits toss the Titan out a window, but Reiner's arm is severely injured. Christa treats Reiner's wound, and outside the scouts continue to fight. Suddenly, the Beast Titan begins throwing chunks of Wall Rose at the scouts, killing Lynne and Henning along with all the horses. As the Beast Titan sends another horde their way, Gelgar and Nanaba fight them off as best they can until both run out of gas and blades and are caught by the Titans. The recruits are left to fend for themselves, and Ymir decides to fight. Taking Conny's dagger, she asks for Christa to remember a promise they made years ago during their training. Jumping from the top of the castle into the horde of Titans, Ymir slices her palm and transforms into a Titan.

Number Title Card Title Release date
Attack on Titan - Episode 30 Title Card
 (ヒストリア Hisutoria?)
April 29, 2017
In their training days in the 104th Cadet Corps, the cadets notice that Christa, Ymir, and Daz have gone missing during a winter training run. They debate starting a search for them, but the instructors refuse to allow the cadets to risk their lives in the storm. Elsewhere in the blizzard, Christa attempts to save Daz as she and Ymir head for the Cadet Corps base at the foot of the mountain. Ymir realizes that Christa is attempting to die a heroic death in order to escape from her past, which she reveals she is aware of. Ymir explains that before her training days, she overheard how Christa was an illegitimate child of a nobleman and was given a new name to spare her life. Ymir scolds Christa for trying to escape her past, saying that she did not give up her old name when she took a new life unlike her. Coming to the edge of a cliff, Ymir proposes throwing Daz off so that they can survive, but Christa does not allow it. Ymir takes Christa and throws her aside, disappearing with Daz in a flash of light. At the foot of the mountain, the cadets prepare to search for the others until Ymir is spotted with Daz. Christa arrives later and wonders how Ymir was able to descend the cliff, and Ymir decides that she will reveal her secret to Christa as long as she promises to return to her old name when her secret becomes known to the others.

Years later at Utgard, Ymir transforms into her Titan and begins slaughtering the Titans around the castle. The other recruits watch on in shock, and Reiner and Bertholdt recognize Ymir's Titan as the one that ate their friend five years ago. The recruits wonder where Ymir's allegiances lie, and Christa notices that Ymir is being overpowered by the Titan horde, seemingly holding back. She calls out to her, scolding her for putting her life at risk and insisting that if destroying the castle is what it takes to survive, she should do it. Ymir begins using the bricks of the castle against the Titans and climbs to the top, rescuing the other recruits as the tower collapses on top of the Titan horde. When the dust settles, Titans begin emerging from the rubble and Ymir continues to fight. She is soon overpowered and the Titans begin eating away at her body, and Christa rushes to Ymir's side until a Titan spots her. As the Titan's hand approaches, a scout suddenly appears and slices its nape. The scout, Mikasa, tells her fellow recruits to stand back as the scouts from the assault on Stohess finally arrive at Utgard, clearing out the remaining Titans.

Once all the Titans are dead, Christa comes to a heavily wounded Ymir's side. Before Ymir slips into unconsciousness, Christa reveals her true name: Historia.

Number Title Card Title Release date
Attack on Titan - Episode 31 Title Card
 (戦士 Senshi?)
May 6, 2017
Following the battle at Utgard, Ymir is brought with the rest of the scouts atop Wall Rose. Historia, whose true origins in the Reiss family are now known to the scouts, insists that Ymir is not an enemy of humanity. Elsewhere atop the Wall, Reiner begins to despair at his brush with death back at Utgard, though his spirits are lifted when Bertholdt suggests heading for their hometown soon. Once the other recruits reach the top of the Walls and are brought up to speed, Garrison Captain Hannes arrives with news that no breach was discovered in Wall Rose. As the puzzled scouts prepare to head for Trost District to regroup, Reiner calls Eren aside and reveals his identity as the Armored Titan and Bertholdt's as the Colossal Titan. He promises that if Eren comes with them to their hometown, humanity will be spared.

Perplexed by Reiner's sudden revelation, Eren thinks back to twelve hours earlier at Ehrmich District where Sasha's report revealed that Reiner and Bertholdt were registered as originating from the same region as Annie Leonhart. Thinking back on possible connections to Annie, Armin realizes that Reiner was responsible for the Female Titan's change in direction during the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission. The scouts had decided to keep their knowledge under wraps until the two could be brought underground. Atop Wall Rose, Eren dismisses Reiner's words and insists that they should join the others, and Reiner has a mental breakdown. Removing the bandage from his arm to visibly heal it in front of Eren, he and Bertholdt are quickly attacked by Mikasa who attempts to kill the two until Reiner pushes her from the Wall. The two transform into the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan in front of the scouts, and they take Eren and Ymir. Tearfully thinking back to Reiner and Bertholdt as the friends he once had, Eren transforms into his own Titan and prepares to battle the Armored Titan.

Number Title Card Title Release date
Attack on Titan - Episode 32 Title Card
Close Combat
 (打・投・極 Da - Tō - Kyoku?)
May 13, 2017
In his Titan form, Eren battles the Armored Titan while the Scout Regiment attacks the Colossal Titan. However, a whirlwind of steam coming from Bertholdt's Titan prevents them from coming close. Meanwhile, Eren is hopelessly overpowered until he recalls a special fighting technique he learned from Annie years ago. He gains the upper hand with Annie's maneuver, but a devastating interference from the Colossal Titan brings the fight to a sudden halt.

Number Title Card Title Release date
Attack on Titan - Episode 33 Title Card
The Hunters
 (追う者 Ōmono?)
May 20, 2017
Facing defeat at the hands of the Colossal Titan, Eren is taken away by Reiner and Bertholdt. Word is sent to Commander Pyxis in Trost of the situation in Wall Rose, and Commander Erwin gathers Scout Regiment and Military Police reinforcements to assist in the crisis.

At Wall Rose, Hannes comforts Mikasa and Armin, choosing to join them when the time comes to rescue Eren. When Erwin's reinforcements arrive, Hange theorizes on the traitors' new location, and the Scouts and MPs embark on a search for Eren and head for a Forest of Giant Trees.

Number Title Card Title Release date
Attack on Titan - Episode 34 Title Card
 (開口 Kaikō?)
May 27, 2017
While the Scouts advance towards the Forest of Giant Trees, Eren and Ymir attempt to get answers from Reiner and Bertholdt. While receiving few answers, they discover that Reiner's personality has split under the pressure from living for two different goals.

While Ymir wonders about the warriors' goal and the reason for the Beast Titan's presence, Eren expresses his rage towards the traitors. The true enemy of humanity remains a mystery to Eren, though the Scouts are closing in on the forest with the intent of saving him from his fate.

Number Title Card Title Release date
Attack on Titan - Episode 35 Title Card
 (子供達 Kodomo-tachi?)
June 3, 2017
While Moblit makes a shocking discovery in Ragako, Erwin's scouting formation nears the Forest of Giant Trees. The warriors make their escape, but Ymir desires to see Christa again.

Seeing similarities in Christa's past and her own, Ymir refuses to cooperate with Reiner and Bertholdt until they agree to take Christa with them. The soldiers arrive shortly afterwards, coming across Ymir's Titan. When Christa is captured by Ymir, the soldiers immediately begin pursuit.

Number Title Card Title Release date
Attack on Titan - Episode 36 Title Card
 (突撃 Totsugeki?)
June 10, 2017
After hearing Ymir's motives, Historia agrees to stay by her side. The pursuing soldiers close in on the Armored Titan and corner Bertholdt, who refuses to give up Eren. Erwin leads a hellish charge against the warriors in which he is injured, though Eren is rescued. Reiner refuses to let him escape and begins throwing Titans into the retreating formation. When Eren and Mikasa are dismounted in the chaos, they come across the Titan that ate Eren's mother five years ago.

Number Title Card Title Release date
Attack on Titan - Episode 37 Title Card
 (叫び Sakebi?)
June 17, 2017
After Hannes is eaten by the Titan which killed Eren's mother, Eren suddenly unleashes an incredible power upon the Titan, causing the other Titans to swarm it and tear it to pieces before chasing Reiner and Bertholdt away. For her own reasons, Ymir leaves the Scouts and retreats with the warriors.

The Scouts later conclude that the Titans which invaded Wall Rose were in fact the human citizens of Ragako. As Eren devotes himself to discovering how to use his newfound power, a recovering Erwin concludes that the truths of the world will soon be known.


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