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Live and Let Die is the fifth short story of the Attack on Titan Anthology. It is written and illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming, colored by Michael Avon Oeming and Taki Soma, and lettered by Steve Wands.


A year after the fall of Wall Maria, Erwin Smith leads an expedition beyond Wall Rose. Heavy rainfall begins to hinder the expedition's progress, and Commander Erwin decides to call the mission off. Elsewhere, Squad Leader Taki and her subordinates combat a group of Abnormal Titans, and Taki is separated from her squad. She is found by a group of survivors from an expedition beyond Wall Maria who had ended up in within the Walls' territory after wandering underground. One of them, Kelly, reveals that she has collected images and artifacts of the old world from beyond the Walls.

A Titan discovers the survivors' underground, and they flee to the surface. With spears and grappling hooks, the survivors combat the Titans while Taki assists. Once the Titans are all killed, they hide in a new location until morning. Taki departs from the group, and Kelly gives her her findings of the old world, urging her to let the world know that life beyond the government's influence is possible. Taki accepts, and sets out to return to civilization.


In an expedition beyond Wall Rose, the Survey Corps retreats from a horde of Titans as the rainfall begins to obscure their vision. Hange Zoë suggests it will pass, but Commander Erwin Smith chooses to scrap the mission. He orders a flare to be fired, but Hange spots a black flare fired from Taki's squad.

Nearby, Taki and her squad begin to battle against a group of Abnormal Titans. One soldier, Walker, is shocked to see that the Titans are seemingly herding them against the nearby cliffs. Taki begins a counterattack, killing a Titan, but Walker strays from the group and is bitten in half by an Abnormal with transparent flesh. Taki attempts to kill the Abnormal, but a strike of lightning sends her flying away from the battle.

Crashing to the ground below, Taki lays motionless against a tree branch. A stranger in tattered clothes arrives, asking nonchalantly if Taki is dead.

As Taki slips in and out of consciousness, a group of men and women in old uniforms drag her on a stretcher into a cave as a Titan pursues them. Taki wakes up in the cave, and the stranger gives her names herself Kelly as she treats her wounds. She and the others explain that they were once a part of a Survey Corps scouting party of 20 beyond Wall Maria that had been separated from their expedition many years ago. They had been living underground and in the trees throughout the years, surviving however they can. During this time, Kelly reveals that she has been collecting any artifacts related to the old world that she could find, such as images of old mountains, families, and even the ocean. Taki informs them that they are currently within Wall Maria's territory, which had fallen to the Titans in the previous year, surprising the others as to how far they had traveled underground.

Taki offers to lead them back to civilization at Wall Rose, but a man name Marcus speaks against this. He states their views that the politicians and merchants of the Walls do not care for their lives, and that life beyond their influence is true freedom. Nearby, a child kicks an anthill, and Marcus scolds her. Shortly afterward, a cat in the group's possession begins to hiss, warning them of an approaching Titan. Above them, a Titan's fingers create a hole in the cavern ceiling, and the group begins to evacuate.

At the surface, the survivors use spears and grappling hooks to combat the Titans in the absence of vertical maneuvering equipment. Taki runs out of gas early in the combat, but is saved by Kelly when she is thrown a grappling hook. As Marcus lands the killing blow on a Titan with his spear, a monstrously large Titan rises to its feet nearby, causing Marcus to freeze up with fear. He thinks back to the child kicking the anthill as the large Titan crushes him in its fist, eating his remains. Taki and the others charge the Titan, killing it quickly. They head to a new underground location, mourning their loss.

The next morning, Kelly and the others guide Taki to a river that will lead to Wall Maria. They urge her to stay with them rather than leaving, but Taki understands that they cannot join her any more than she can join them. Before she departs, Kelly gives her findings of the old world to her, asking her to inform the people of the Walls that life outside of the government's control is possible. Taki accepts, setting out to return to civilization.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Erwin Smith
  2. Hange Zoë
  3. Walker (killed)
  4. Taki
  5. Kelly
  6. Marcus (killed)


  • The first five pages of this story was released early in an online format to promote the release of the Attack on Titan Anthology.[1]
  • According to Michael Avon Oeming, author and illustrator of the story, the character of Taki was named after his wife Taki Soma, who added color to the artwork with Michael.[1]
  • "Live and Let Die" is the title of the second James Bond novel by Ian Fleming, and shares name with its movie adaptation and a famous song by Paul McCartney and the Wings recorded for the movie's soundtrack. Either one of these media was likely an inspiration for the story's title.