The following are some of the locations and landmarks within and outside the Walls.


Wall Maria

Name Description Appearance
Shiganshina District

Shiganshina District (シガンシナ区 Shiganshina-ku?) is a district on the south side of Wall Maria. It is where Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann and Armin Arlelt lived before it was destroyed by the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan.[1][2]

Shiganshina in anime
Forest of Giant Trees

There are several forests of giant trees (巨大樹の森 Kyodai-ju no Mori?) in the area encompassed by Wall Maria as well as outside of the Walls. These forests are comprised of many huge trees standing at about 80 meters, making their high branches ideal hiding places from Titans who are unable to climb the trees.[citation needed] The Survey Corps used one of these forests within Wall Maria to set a trap for the Female Titan.[citation needed]

The Forest of the Giant Trees

Wall Rose

Name Description Appearance
Calaneth District

Calaneth District (カラネス区 Karanesu-ku?) is a district on the eastern side of Wall Rose. It is the home of Mina Carolina.[3] Calaneth is the launching point of the Scout Regiment 57th exterior mission[4] as well as the place they return to afterward.[5]

Trost District

Trost District (トロスト区 Torosuto-ku?) is a district on the south side of Wall Rose. It is the home of several members of the 104th Cadet Corps such as Jean Kirschtein and Thomas Wagner.[3] Five years after the destruction of Shiganshina the Colossal Titan breaches Trost as well, effectively making Trost the site of an eventually thwarted Titan incursion.[6]

Trost anime
Krolva District

Krolva District (クロルバ区 Kuroruba-ku?) is a district located by Wall Rose, close to Trost District.[citation needed]


Ragako (ラガコ村 Ragako-mura?) is a town in the southern area of the land surrounded by Wall Rose. It is the hometown of Conny Springer.[citation needed]

Ragako in the anime

Dauper (ダウパー村 Daupā-mura?) is a small settlement in the southern area of the land surrounded by Wall Rose. It lies in a mountain forest and traditionally sustains itself by hunting, though it has recently turned more towards farming and horse-breeding to support the larger population caused by the influx of refugees from Wall Maria. It is the home of Sasha Braus.[3]

Dauper in the anime

Jinae (ジナエ町 Jinae-machi?) is a town in the southern area of the land surrounded by Wall Rose. It is the home of Marco Bodt.[3]

Utgard Castle

Utgard Castle (ウトガルド城 Utogarudo-jō?) is an abandoned castle close to the inner side of Wall Rose. It contains large quantities of old food supplies, including liquor and cans of herring with strange writin] on them. It is the site of a large Titan attack during the Beast Titan's incursion.[citation needed]

Utgard Castle in the anime

Wall Sina

Name Description Appearance
Stohess District

Stohess District (ストヘス区 Sutohesu-ku?) is the eastern district of Wall Sina. The Monarchy once began constructing an underground city there, but the effort was abandoned in the end, leaving several unused tunnels below the city. The Survey Corps set traps for the Female Titan in this district.[7][8]

Stohess anime
Ehrmich District

Ehrmich District (エルミハ区 Erumiha-ku?) is the southern district of Wall Sina. When Wall Rose is believed to have been breached a large number of refugees pass through Ehrmich, an event witnessed by several Survey Corps members and Pastor Nick.[9]

Ehrmich District in the anime

The Capital (王都 Ōto?) is the city within Wall Sina. It serves as the capital, where the nobility resides and government affairs take place.[citation needed]


The Underground is the poverty-stricken city beneath Mitras[10] and other districts of Wall Sina.[citation needed] Levi lived[10] in this environment until he left to join the Survey Corps.[10][11]

Underground City (Anime)


Name Description Appearance

The hometown (故郷 Kokyō?) is the place of origin of Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover. Some inhabitants are known to be Titan shifters. The Warriors plan to take Eren Jaeger alive to their hometown for reasons unknown.[12]