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Marco Bodt (マルコ・ボット Maruko Botto?) is a 1st year Titan Junior High School student.


With a humble smile and patches of freckles upon his face, Marco wears the same uniform just as every male pupil in Titan Junior High.


A positive and optimistic student is he, Marco is known for being the peacemaker of the 1st year's class. He tolerates a lot of trouble from Jean and is a very approachable guy.


Marco welcomes Jean on his first day at school. He attends the first-year entrance ceremony and tries to avoid getting his lunch stolen by the Titans.[1]

Marco teaches Conny how to play dodge ball.[2]


  • Jean Kirschtein - Marco's positive outlook and polite attitude naturally attracts even the most unapproachable of people, namely Jean. The two have near to nothing in common, but are apparent best friends with a strong level of trust.
  • Ilse Langnar - The pair develop a rapport between one another after he returns her journal to her which had been repeatedly snatched away by the likes of various election candidates. Ilse admires Marco's selflessness and endorses him for President, resulting in him winning by a landslide. He then accompanies her to report on the right to retrieve the school's snack stands from the Titans.