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Maria Carlstead (マリア・カールステッド Maria Kārusuteddo?) is a character in the light novel Attack on Titan: Before the Fall. She is a member of the Garrison, and is close friends with Angel Aaltonen and Sorum Humé, whom she is engaged to.


She is a young woman with dark, shoulder length hair, tied up into a braid in the back. She has bangs that just barely brush past her eyebrows, accompanied by a strip of hair along each side of her face.


Maria is caring yet slightly mischievous, as shown when she teases Angel about his hair; and cares a lot about Sorum, her fiancé. She occasionally makes sarcastic remarks while talking to Angel.


She visits Angel Aaltonen while waiting for Sorum Humé, who is on an expedition with the Survey Corps, to return. After small talk, the two hear the sound of the Liberty bell, which signals the return of the Survey Corps. She eventually spots Sorum among the other surviving soldiers. She calms Angel who, after hearing the sound of cannons atop Wall Maria, begins to worry about what might have went wrong.[citation needed]


  • The names of Maria and her daughter Rosa are most likely based off of the names of the two outermost Walls, Maria and Rose.