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Marlene (マレーネ Marēne?) was a member of the Survey Corps and a Squad Leader during the mission to reclaim Wall Maria.


Marlene was a woman of average height and build, and had shoulder-length blonde hair with bright eyes. When not wearing the Survey Corps' typical uniform, her attire consisted of a white button-up shirt, dark pants, and an over-coat.


Not much is known about her personality, but she was shown to be a somewhat cheerful person, as evidenced by her taunting Hange Zoë after a meeting.[1]


Return to Shiganshina arc

Marlene is seen attending a meeting with Erwin Smith and the rest of the Survey Corps' Squad Leaders to discuss the recent revelations about Eren's father Grisha Yeager.[2]

Marlene participates in the Survey Corps' mission to retake Wall Maria, and after the emergence of the Beast Titan and his forces,[3] Marlene's squad is ordered by Erwin to regroup with Squads Dirk and Klaus to guard the Corps' horses.[4] She and her fellow soldiers fight off nearby Titans to protect the recruits in Squad Dirk while they move the Corps' horse to a safe place. During the fighting, however, Marlene and her squad are killed by the Beast Titan, who starts throwing crushed boulders at them, cutting them all to pieces.[5]



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