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Matteus (マテウス Mateusu?) was a soldier of the Military Police Brigade who accompanied Xavi Inocencio to the Industrial City. He appeared in the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga.


Matteus was an older man with medium-length brown hair and a weary expression. He wore the standard uniform of the Military Police Brigade at the time of Before the Fall, along with a bolo tie.


When Xavi Inocencio is sent to the Industrial City under private orders from Captain Gloria Bernhart, Matteus is sent to accompany Xavi. Xavi thinks to himself that Matteus must have been sent in order to ensure the success of his mission and that Matteus may kill him if necessary. As Xavi thinks to himself that he will turn Gloria's ambitions towards his own desires, Matteus glances warily at Xavi in silence.[1]