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Quote1 It's your duty to give your hearts to defend the lives and property of the people! Don't go gettin' a big head now that you freeloaders have somethin' to do after a century of uselessness! Quote2
— Association Boss to Mikasa Ackermann[3]

The Merchant Association Boss is a merchant that owns a business company in Trost District. He is stationed in Trost District for most of his dealings.


The Merchant Association Boss is a short, overweight man. His head is balding with black hair on the sides and a thin dark mustache and beard. He has brown eyes and bright skin. He is usually well dressed, with a brown leather jacket, gray vest, and pink button-up shirt with red-brown dress pants and brown dress shoes.


The Merchant Association Boss first appears during the invasion of Trost District, where he is seen as a selfish businessman blocking the inner gate with his cart. He comments that their lives are not worth half as much as his cart, and orders them to push. He only relents when his life is threatened by Mikasa Ackermann, not due to any change of heart.[3]


The Fall of Shiganshina arc

Dimo Reeves cameo in the anime

The Merchant Association Boss hears the news of Shiganshina's fall

On the day of the fall of Shiganshina in year 845, he is seen at Trost District discussing with other men the news about the breach on Shiganshina, and wondering if Wall Maria has fallen or only the outer district was lost. They are then approached by a Garrison member who informs them that the inner gate was destroyed too and thus Wall Maria has effectively fallen.[4]

The Struggle for Trost arc

The Merchant Association Boss appears once again during the invasion of Trost District where he is seen blocking the inner gate of Wall Rose with a cart full of merchandise, effectively preventing most of the survivors from escaping the town. Upon being questioned by a citizen, he responds by saying that he owns the companies in this town and pays for everyone's meals.

Mikasa Threatens Dimo

Mikasa threatens the Merchant Association Boss

He then attempts to rally the citizens into pushing his cart, commenting that their lives are not worth as much as his cart. He is then confronted by Mikasa Ackermann, who tells him that her comrades are dying trying to buy time for the citizens to evacuate, but he simply responds that it is natural for soldiers to die for the sake of protecting people. This enrages Mikasa who approaches him and threatens to kill him. This causes him to reluctantly order his men to remove the cart from the gate so the citizens can escape.[3]