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Mikasa Ackerman (ミカサ・アッカーマン Mikasa Akkāman?) is a 1st year Attack Junior High School student and the childhood friend of Eren Yeager.


Mikasa wears a yellow school blazer with has a small blue bow on the collar of her white uniform blouse with a short black skirt. She has medium length black hair with a center bang and large dark eyes. Generally, she wears her red scarf on a daily basis as it is very important to her and is more sentimental than it is for fashion or warmth.


Mikasa pinches Armin to come to school

Mikasa grabs and pinches Armin's cheek

Mikasa is Eren's childhood friend and is very protective of him, wanting him to fit into a normal high school life. She is so attached to Eren that if he is not around, she becomes very depressed and her depression is so strong that it also affects those around her as well. She also can be prone to violence, as seen when she takes down a Titan after it was provoked by Eren and later when she was open to the idea of having to beat an elderly man to get to Armin (who she later pinched and criticized.)


Mikasa and Eren walk to their junior high school, excited to start the beginning of a new school year. She hears him proclaim that he will surpass the Titans when he gets hit on the head by a large eraser; Mikasa tries to pass it off as merely an accident and gets irked when Eren spitefully writes his name on the eraser. The Titan who owns the eraser then drops a ruler on his head.

As they line up for class, Mikasa tries to get Eren see to reason but soon notices he is not next to her; looking around, she sees Eren trying to burn some shorts he stole from a Titan's backpack. Mikasa goes to chastise him but both are caught by a member of the faculty; both the staffer and Mikasa order Eren to apologize to the Titan he stole from, but he merely faints after realizing he stole a pair of gym shorts (that he also sniffed.) Later on, he still insists to Mikasa that he did nothing wrong but are both called to the entrance ceremony. Mikasa again tries to have Eren let go of his obsession about Titans, but the latter blurts out that their principal was the one who stole his lunch five years ago, causing both of them to be shunned for several days.[1]

During their first day, Mikasa notices Eren being called on to share what his dream is. Before she can stop him, though, another classmate named Sasha asks if she has any food. When Mikasa comes to Eren's defense, another student named Jean instantly becomes smitten with her and berates Eren for having her stick up for him. Later that day, Mikasa tells Eren that he must make friends to ensure he has a better future; this causes Eren to run off. Mikasa tries to convince some of her classmates to be friends with Eren but gets no luck. She eventually sees Eren being sucked on (and spit back out) by the Titan he stole from earlier; this prompts Mikasa to go over and, in a fit of anger, brings it down with a single kick. She stands on top of the Titan and tells a false story that paints Eren in a positive light, convincing the others in class to become his friends.[2]
Mikasa tries to convince Armin

Mikasa tells Armin their classmates will accept him

Mikasa and Eren both learn that a dodge ball tournament is coming up the following day and that participation is mandatory for all students; since Armin has yet to show up to school, they both travel to his house to change his mind. When Armin's grandfather tries to intimidate them, Mikasa relishes in the thought in beating him; this causes Armin's grandfather to back down and let them in. Armin does not believe Eren's claims and Mikasa is eventually able to convince him to come in. She says that their classmates will accept a weakling like Armin due to accepting Eren after his emotional outburst on the first day of school. This is enough to convince Armin to go to school and participate in the tournament.[3]


  • Eren Yeager - Mikasa has been lifelong friends with Eren. Whenever Eren gets into trouble, Mikasa always comes to his defense; however, his care-free attitude and constant obsession on beating Titans can get on her nerves at times.
  • Armin Arlert - Armin is another of Mikasa's longest friends. Although she can be a little rough with him, Mikasa genuinely cares for his well-being: when Armin is fearful that he will not be accepted by his peers, Mikasa brings up that Eren was the same way, helping to boost his confidence and ultimately convinces him to attend school.
  • Annie Leonhart - Mikasa immediately sees Annie as a rival and is jealous of the attention she seems to give Eren. This is shown during the dodge ball tournament and also when both Eren and Annie become friends.