Mitabi Jarnach (ミタビ・ヤルナッハ Mitabi Yarunahha?) was a team leader (班長 Hanchō?, lit. "Leader of a team") and member of the Garrison in Trost District. He was one of the Garrison's top three elite soldiers who fought in the battle to retake Trost.


Mitabi had a short crop of brown hair and a very short beard. He wore the typical Garrison uniform with a green shirt underneath. He also had light-colored tannish eyes.


Mitabi was often seen around Ian Dietrich and Rico Brzenska, usually nervous or doubtful of the situation. Though initially terrified, he lured a group of Titans away from Eren Jaeger when he was carrying the boulder by yelling at them,[1] hinting that he was not a total coward.


The Struggle for Trost arc

Mitabi first appears as the leader of one of the units assigned to protect Eren on his mission to plug the breach in Trost's Wall created by the Colossal Titan. Once Eren loses control of his Titan form, Mitabi advises Ian Dietrich to abort the mission and retreat to the safety of Wall Rose; however, Ian orders him to continue defending Eren.[2]

Eren eventually regains his senses due to a speech by Armin Arlelt and begins carrying a boulder to plug the breach in the Wall. As there are too many Titans to fight them all, Mitabi and his men instead use themselves as bait to lure the Titans away from Eren. Mitabi is subsequently crushed by a Titan after getting distracted by the loss of one of his comrades.[1]


Mitabi was considered one of the Garrison's top three soldiers.[3]




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