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Mitras (ミットラス王都 Mittorasu-Ōto?) is the area of land surrounded by Wall Sheena, the innermost of the three Walls, and the capital of the nation of the Walls. It has a population of about 200,000 people.[citation needed] It is the residence of the King and upper-class citizenry, and serves as the capital of the kingdom. One may also earn residency rights through meritorious service in the Garrison or Military Police, which is considered the sole means for the poor to gain safe refuge.[citation needed] The Military Police Brigade are headquartered in the Inner District and protect the peace; this leads to fierce competition among military trainees to join, as it is the only posting where they will not be in danger from Titans.


The Female Titan arc

After the failure of the 57th expedition, Eren Yeager was allegedly going to be returned to the Inner District for judgment. However, the true purpose of the trip was to expose the true identity of the Female Titan, Annie Leonhart. After being discovered, Annie attempted to scale the Wall; however, she was stopped by Eren in his Titan form with the aid of Mikasa Ackerman. Part of the Wall suffered damage and revealed a Titan within it, but was quickly covered up at Nick's urging.[1]

The Uprising arc

Erwin is brought to the Inner District for his trial.[citation needed]



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