This article is about a Scout Regiment member. For the 104th Cadet Corps graduate with the surname Braun, see Reiner Braun (Anime).

Quote1 Taste the power... of humanity! Quote2
— Moses charges a Titan[2]

Moses Braun (モーゼス・ブラウン Mōzesu Buraun?) was a member of the Scout Regiment and the first person shown to be killed by a Titan at the start of the series. He appeared to show little emotion and was a conditioned soldier.[2]


Moses had unkempt, cheek length, blond hair and light-green eyes. He was well built and wore the typical uniform of a member of the Scout Regiment along with the common green cloak.


The Fall of Shiganshina arc

During a mission with the Scout Regiment, Moses' squad begins to take formation around a Titan via horses in order to kill it, and soon after, he switches to omni-directional mobility gear with his team mates. He then takes position and attempts to kill the targeted Titan, but is killed, and the Scout Regiment is only able to bring back his arm.

Moses' hand

Moses' right arm; all the regiment could retrieve of him

When the Scout Regiment returned to the Shiganshina District after their failed expedition, his mother starts asking for him, and the Commander of the Scout Regiment, Keith Sadies, gives her his arm which was all that remained of him. She cries and pleads with Keith, asking if his death contributed to humankind's retaliation. He denies and cries that they again did not make any progress on the recent expedition.[2]


  • The relation between Moses' family and the family from which Reiner Braun hails, if any relation exists, is unknown.
  • Moses is a biblical prophet, famous for his participation in the Exodus and the creation of the Torah. In the story of the Twelve Spies, he sends one man from each of the twelve tribes of Israel to explore Canaan, and at their return they describe the land as being inhabited by giants and surrounded by large Walls.[3]
  • In German, his surname "Braun" means "brown".
  • He is the first known character to die in the anime.