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Quote1 Sasha...yer all I hoped for. Quote2
— Mr. Braus acknowledges Sasha's growth and strength as a person.[2]

Mr. Braus (ブラウスさん Burausu-san?) is the biological father of Sasha Braus and a hunter in the Dauper village. It was his words that motivated Sasha to leave and join the military.[2]


Mr. Braus is a large, but not overweight, man. He has shaggy brown hair, a thin goatee, and brown eyes. He is usually seen wearing a stripped hat, a white t-shirt with a fur vest, and a loose tie. He also wears white pants, tall black boots, and carries a pack of arrows on his back along with a small supplies bag on his right hip.[2]


Mr. Braus appears to be a man of rules, and devoted to his clan. He is a mature father figure, storing food for the winter and attempting to pry it out of his daughter Sasha's hands when she begins to eat their supply. Though he appreciates his way of life, hunting with the clan, he realizes that many people's homes were taken by Titans and that they must share the forest. He appears to be very wise, stating that though he would rather not, he may give up hunting and breed horses or sell crop for the good of everyone. Like his daughter, he has a native Dauper accent.[2]


Sasha and her father in the anime

Mr. Braus explained to Sasha that they may had to give their lands

Mr. Braus is first seen arguing with Sasha, telling her not to eat the meat from the winter from the ground. After he failed, he explained his daughter the reason why it was important to keep the food: after the fall of Wall Maria, many refugees had come to Wall Rose's lands. They started to hunt animals making their number decline, hunting the preys that belonged to hunters' villages, like Dauper.[2]

He even thought about giving the forest to them so that they could make fields, while the hunter's tribe started taking care of horses. This idea disgusted Sasha, who said that they should not stop living like they do just because of the newcomers. Mr. Braus saw his daughter's point, but he did agree with her, and said that it was more important to take care of the people, rather than living all alone. He finally stated that he wanted to live with his clan, even if it meant to change their way of life. Sasha, angered, enlisted in the Military in retaliation.[2]


Clash of the Titans arc

Mr. Braus sees Sasha

Mr. Braus and Sasha reunite after three years

Three years later, Sasha comes to her village, only to find it ravaged by Titans. After helping one little girl to escape from one of them, she sees her father riding a horse. He sees her too, seeming very surprised and screaming her name. He gives her and the kid that she had saved a horse. They start talking, and Mr. Braus explains that they have been giving horses to the nearby people. He also expresses how surprised he is to see that the person that saved the child was Sasha. He finally states that she has became a splendid person, making her smile and accept her home.[2]


  • Sasha Braus - Mr. Braus loves his daughter very much, but often gets after her when she tries to eat their winter food supply. He believes his daughter is a wonderful person, stating so when he reunites with her after three years. He also seems to think that she is a bit of a coward, however this later leaves his mind when he sees Sasha as a soldier saving a child.[2]