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Mr. Springer was the father of Connie Springer and a resident in Ragako village. He was transformed into a Titan by the Beast Titan during Wall Rose's supposed breach.[2]



Mr. Springer was a fairly tall, middle-aged man with a small, clean beard, short black hair and a mustache. He was portrayed wearing a formal outfit with a tie.


As a Titan, Mr. Springer retained nearly all of his former physical characteristics, though now with a gaunt rib cage and shorter hair. In this form, he stood at around 3 meters tall.


Clash of the Titans arc

Sasha tries to kill the Titan

Sasha encounters Mr. Springer's Titan

Mr. Springer is one of the Titans that were created by the Beast Titan at the start of Wall Rose's Titan invasion.

Shortly after the residents of Ragako were turned into Titans, Mr. Springer's Titan began to wander the southeastern towns of Wall Rose in search of food. It comes across a newly settled village where it enters into a home housing a little girl and her mother, who could not evacuate due to her bad legs. Overpowering the mother, Mr. Springer's Titan begins eating away at her leg while the daughter sits by traumatized for some time until Sasha Blouse, assisting in Wall Rose's evacuation, attempts to kill the Titan. However, her efforts with a common chopping ax prove ineffective, and she is left with no choice but to take the girl and escape.[3]

Sasha stabs the Titan

Sasha blinds Mr. Springer's Titan

Mr. Springer's Titan pursues Sasha and the girl outside of the village, where Sasha confronts the Titan while telling the girl to run for help. Using a bow and arrow, Sasha attempts to blind the Titan's eyes. She succeeds in piercing one, though she doubts her aim when she is left with one arrow. Taking a risk, Sasha discards the bow and stabs the Titan's eye with the last arrow, using the blood from the woman's leg to escape Mr. Springer's grasp when she lands against its body.[4]

It is unknown what Mr. Springer's Titan did after being blinded by Sasha, though it would eventually be killed by the Survey Corps at some point during the week before Wall Rose was declared Titan-free.[5]

People Killed

Failed attempts


  • While no direct link is made in the manga or anime between Mr. Springer and the 3-meter Titan encountered by Sasha Blouse, Attack on Titan Season 2 production designs first identify this Titan as "Connie's father" (コニーの父 Konī no chichi?).[8]
  • He shares a birthday with Gunther Schultz.