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Ogre (オーガ Ōga?) is a 10m Titan that plagued the efforts of the Survey Corps in their early years.


This Titan in unusually muscular and possesses a long scar going down its left eye. It also has scruffy white hair and stands at 10m tall as well as strings of flesh which connect the lower jaw to the upper jaw always giving it a smile.


Ogre was responsible for killing Heath Munsell, father of Kuklo and squad leader of the Survey Corps under Commander Jorge Pikale. It is later seen by Sharle Inocencio from atop Wall Maria.[1]

When Kuklo sneaks aboard a Survey Corps wagon on an expedition under Commander Carlo Pikale, Ogre appears and causes great destruction, slaughtering many Survey Corps soldiers. Kuklo and Commander Carlo remain behind to allow the surviving soldiers to retreat to Shiganshina District, using explosives to keep Ogre at bay.

Ogre later appears when Kuklo and Cardina Baumeister are testing an improved prototype of vertical maneuvering equipment. The two manage to escape before the Titan can devour them.


  • Regeneration: This Titan has the ability to regenerate entire limbs as well as any injuries but appears to regenerate at a very impressive rate as it managed to heal its entire foot within a few seconds completely.
  • Demonstrates abnormal behavior: This Titan expressed abnormal behavior when attacking the Survey Corps, it began to lift up smaller Titans and throw them straight at the Survey Corps.
  • Unusually muscular and is well-proportioned: This Titan expresses unusual characteristics such as being muscular which is very uncommon among pure Titans considering most are either pot-bellied or almost skeletal. Its body is also well proportioned which is, again, uncommon for a Titan.

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