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Opfert eure Herzen! (心臓を捧げよ! Shinzō o Sasageyo!?, lit. Sacrifice Your Hearts!) is the 3rd opening theme of the Attack on Titan anime, and is sung by singer-songwriter REVO of Linked Horizon.

It replaced Die Flügel der Freiheit in Episode 26.


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あの日どんな顔で 瞳で

命さえ 魂さえ 決して惜しくは超えない

捧げよ! 捧げよ! 心臓を捧げよ!
捧げよ! 捧げよ! 心臓を捧げよ!
進むべき未来を その手で切り拓け

kore ijou no jigoku wa nai darou to shinjitakatta
saredo jirui saiaku no hi wa itsumo toutotsu ni

tobira o tataku to wa taezu hidoku musabore
manugareta saiaku no hi wa akumu no you ni

sugishi hi o aragau mono
yatsura wa kuchiku subeki teki da

ano hi no unmei ga oni hitomi de
oretachi o mitsumeteita

nani o sutereba akuma o oshinokeru
inochi sae tamashii sae
kesshite oshiku koenai

sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou o sasageyo!
subete no gisei wa ima, kono toki no tame ni

sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou o sasageyo!
susumu beki mirai o
sono te de kirihirake!

I wanted to believe there would be no more hell

However, the worst day of humanity always comes unexpectedly
The sound of the banging on the gate won't stop

The uninvited worst day comes like a nightmare
One who betrays the past

They are the enemies to be exterminated
On that day, what kind of face and eyes were staring at us?

What needs to be given up to get through this nightmare?
I am willing to give up even my life or my soul

Sacrifice! Sacrifice! Sacrifice your hearts!
All the sacrifices for this moment

Sacrifice! Sacrifice! Sacrifice your hearts!
Make a path to the future with my own hands

Complete version

Kore ijou no jigoku wa nai darou to shinjitakatta
Saredo jinrui saiaku no hi wa itsumo toutotsu ni

Tobira wo tataku oto wa taezu hidoku busahou de
Manekarezaru saiyaku no hi wa akumu no you ni

Sugishi hi wo uragiru mono yatsura wa kuchiku subeki teki da
Ano hi donna kao de hitomi de oretachi wo mitsumeteita?

Nani wo sutereba akuma wo mo shinogeru
Inochi sae tamashii sae kesshite oshiku nado wa nai

Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo!
Subete no gisei wa ima kono toki no tame ni
Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo!
Susumu beki mirai wo sono te de kirihirake

Sugishi hi wo itsuwaru mono yatsura wa zouo subeki teki da
Ano hi donna koe de kotoba de oretachi wo katatteita

Nani wo manabeba akuma wo mo hofureru?
Gijutsu demo senjutsu demo subete muda ni nado shinai

Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo!
Subete no doryoku wa ima, kono toki no tame ni!
Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo!
Utau beki shouri wo sono te de tsukamitore!

Etai no shirenai bakemono ga hito to nita tsura wo shiteyagaru
Kono yo kara ippiki nokorazu yatsura wo kuchiku shiteyaru

Saisho ni iidashita no wa dare ka? sonna koto oboechainai ga
Wasurerarenai ikari ga aru kanarazu kuchiku shiteyaru

Aa... erabikuita michi no saki wa donna basho ni tsunagatteiru?
Tada... sasagererareta inochi wo kate ni saku toutoki higan no Sieg
Yakusoku no chi wa rakuen no hate

Ano hi jinrui wa omoidashita
Yatsura ni shihai sareteita kyoufu wo
Torikago no naka ni torawareteita kutsujoku wo

Tasogare wo yumiya wa kakeru tsubasa wo seoi
Sono kiseki ga jiyuu e no michi to naru

Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo!
Subete no kunan wa ima kono toki no tame ni
Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo!
Hakanaki inochi wo moeru yumiya ni kaete
Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo!
Hokoru beki kiseki wo sono mi de egakidase

Opening Animation

On a stone ground, a statue of a saintly woman holding a child lays on its side. Surrounding the statue is a ruined city filled with ravenous Titans. A crowd of stationary people stand juxtaposed against a horde of advancing Titans.

In a brightly lit room, Eren equips himself with omni-directional mobility gear, placing his father's key within his shirt. Elsewhere outside, Titans by the dozens wander the wilderness. In a room similar to Eren's, Armin slips his foot into his military boot and Mikasa wraps her red scarf around her neck. In a ruined city up in flames, Titans wander. In the building where Eren and Mikasa are equipping themselves, Sasha helps Conny put on his ODM gear while Reiner beckons to Bertholdt. Levi dons his signature cravat and Hange equips her goggles as Commander Erwin stands outside in the uniform of the Scout Regiment.

Against a brick wall, Christa turns to face someone out of sight as memories of her with Ymir can be seen upon the wall. Ymir also stands against a wall, which shows a vision of a Titan eating a young boy. Outdoors, the Armored Titan marches forward, and Eren's Titan form collapses as it is swarmed by a group of smaller Titans. In Wall Sina, the Wall Titan peers through the ruined stone and a crowd of civilians watches the departure of the Scout Regiment, marching through a long line of illuminated stone columns. Titans consume innocents in the city as the soldiers prepare their ODM gear, standing atop the Wall proudly before drawing their blades and descending into the Titan horde.

Atop the Wall, many Scout Regiment flags fly in the breeze, and the top ten graduates of the 104th Cadet Corps along with Armin stand in salute with glowing hearts. Upon a bed, an elderly hand gently holds the hand of an infant, while elsewhere the Garrison fires upon a Titan at a defensive line.

In an open field, an explosive burst of energy shakes the land, destroying a nearby house. When the dust clears, the Colossal Titan stands beside a mountain, swinging its enormous arm to bring the mountaintop soaring in pieces to the ground below where the Scout Regiment charges forward on horseback. As Jean dodges a flying boulder, Mikasa soars forward on her ODM gear past Sasha to Eren, taking his arm and launching him forward towards the Armored Titan. Biting his hand, Eren transforms into his Titan and charges the Armored Titan, the two monsters raising their fists for battle with hearts aglow.

Across the world, the hearts of many living creatures both living and extinct, bacterial and animal, glow brightly while images of events to come flash by. On a field covered in humans with glowing hearts, the Beast Titan charges forward alongside monstrous animals and dinosaurs, all with hearts glowing brightly. As the humans are flattened in their advance, their hearts go dim.

The ruins of the city with the fallen statue stand empty of Titans. As Eren opens his eyes within his Titan, the fallen statue remains in its place weathered by time.

Video Clips

Attack on Titan Season 2 - Opening Theme01:36

Attack on Titan Season 2 - Opening Theme

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