Quote1 You idiot! I'll have you know I have the highest kill count! I'm the best, you moron! Quote2
— Oruo to Eld Gin, after the latter teases him[2]

Oruo Bozad (オルオ・ボザド Oruo Bozado?) was a soldier of the Scout Regiment hand-picked by Captain Levi for the Special Operations Squad. He was a skilled soldier with a very high Titan kill record.


Oruo had a much older appearance than his peers, having more pronounced wrinkles despite being implied to be around the same age as his team mates. He had slightly curly, light brown hair styled in an undercut and small hazel eyes. He wore the standard Scout Regiment uniform, as well as a cravat, and his eyebrows were often pulled down in a condescending manner, similar to Levi. Oruo purposely styled his hair and cravat to resemble his Captain, Levi.


Oruo was a very self-confident, outspoken individual, and enjoyed boasting about his own prowess. Despite his obnoxious demeanor, he was the best out of Levi's Special Operations Squad; his 39 solo kills (highest solo kills out of his peers, bested only by Levi) fueled his haughty nature. Though Oruo tried to come across as self-important, his cockiness was rarely taken seriously, and he was also shown to be somewhat clumsy, frequently biting his own tongue on accident.[1]

Oruo also casually attempted to imitate Levi, such as his rough speech and confident attitude, which caused him to be at slight odds with Petra.


Ilse's Notebook: Record of a Fallen Soldier

During the 49th expedition beyond the Walls, Oruo overhears as Hange Zoë's proposal to capture a Titan for research is rejected by Erwin Smith. He attempts to mock her, but she begins strangling him as she explains that the Scout Regiment will never be able to defeat the Titans without studying them. As Moblit calms her down, the two depart, leaving Oruo to complain about Hange's attitude.

When Hange breaks away from the regiment to pursue a Titan on her own, Erwin sends Levi's squad to keep her safe. Oruo attempts to kill the Titan, but Hange's protests distract him and allow the Titan to grab him, necessitating that Levi save him.

Following the expedition, Oruo attempts to apologize to Hange for causing the Titan's death, but Hange insists on apologizing to him for endangering his life. However, she realizes that in her zeal she has begun choking Oruo again, causing him to pass out.[3]

The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc

Oluo and Eren discuss the new recruits

Oruo and Eren talk about the new recruits

Levi hand-picks Oruo to form a Special Operations Squad alongside Petra, Eld, and Gunther. Their primary task is to safeguard Eren during missions and, if necessary, kill him if he loses control of his Titan powers. Oruo gives Eren a hard time, making it clear that he would not trust the newcomer easily.

During Eren's month-long stay with the Special Operations Squad, Oruo is extremely pessimistic about Eren being able to control his powers. When Eren accidentally transforms after a training session, Oruo immediately assumed he was up to no good, and threatened to kill him on the spot if he barely moves a muscle.[4] After calming down, Oruo, along with the rest of the squad, bites down on their own hands like Eren does as a way of apologizing to Eren for their rash and aggressive responses, and hopes he will begin to put his faith in them.[4]

Oluo's corpse

Oruo's corpse

During the Scout Regiment's 57th Exterior Mission, Oruo's duty is to protect Eren, and, along with the rest of the squad, is left in the dark of Commander Erwin's true objective, which is to capture the Female Titan. When the Female Titan finds the Squad, Oruo and the rest of the Squad try to convince Eren not to transform and to trust his comrades. The Titan is finally captured with a trap, but she manages to escape in her human body with an omni-directional mobility gear and decapitates Gunther in the process. Eventually, Oruo and the rest of the squad come to blows with the Female Titan and order Eren to retreat. Though they fight fiercely, with incredible coordination, Oruo's teammates are quickly killed because of the unexpected power of the Titan, which leaves him to fight alone.[5] Enraged by the deaths of his friends, Oruo tries to kill her with a powerful slash to her nape, but she hardens her nape, rendering the attack null. He is then overwhelmed, killed by one of her roundhouse kicks.[5]


Oluo using his 3dgear

Oruo using omni-directional mobility gear

He was a very skillful soldier who had an impressive Titan kill record of 48 kills: 39 solo kills and 9 team kills.[1] Oruo used omni-directional mobility gear quite well, being very competent at slaying Titans alone. He was fine-tuned to work in coordination with the rest of the Special Operations Squad, and together, they could launch coordinated strikes without so much as speaking.

Oruo Bozad's Statistics [6]:



  • Eren Jaeger - Oruo dismissed Eren as a newbie, and did not trust his ability to control his Titan powers. When Eren partially transformed on accident, Oruo was convinced he was up to no good and threatened to kill him on the spot. Later, realizing his rash reaction, Oruo hoped that Eren would forgive him, though he said so in his usual rude manner.
  • Levi - Oruo was fiercely loyal to Levi after having had his life saved by him. He subsequently attempted to mold himself into the image of the man he respects most. Oruo attempted to copy Levi's speech patterns, cool attitude, and even smaller details like his hair and fashion and his ability to face Titans all alone. After Levi saved his life, Oruo thanked him and declared that he would follow him anywhere.
  • Hange Zoë - For the most part, Oruo considered her loony and crazy. He initially dismissed Hange's desire to capture and experiment on Titans, seeing it as unreasonable, but eventually came to understand her point of view. Oruo apologized to Hange, stating his life was worthless compared to the importance of her research, though Hange demanded he should never consider his life worthless.
  • Oluo and Petra in combat

    Oruo and Petra fighting side by side

    Petra Rall - Petra was frequently annoyed by Oruo's rudeness and his obnoxious habit of mimicking Levi. Oruo dismissed her remarks, and thought of her as an aspiring, naggy wife. Despite their bickering, the two had a long history of working and fighting alongside each other, leading to a powerful friendship and bond, and Oruo was devastated by her death.
  • Eld Gin - Oruo trusted Eld both as a teammate and as a friend. However, Eld did not hold back on pushing Oruo's buttons, and revealed to Eren some of Oruo's less respectable moments.
  • Gunther Schultz - Gunther and Oruo worked well as a team, though Gunther occasionally scolded him and the others for their unfocused attitudes.


  • Oruo has a tendency of biting his own tongue.
  • He is noted by Petra to actively imitate Levi, copying his unique speaking style, his haircut and even his cravat.
  • Levi was aware that Oruo Bozad was imitating him and thought it to be annoying.[7]
  • In a montage of Episode 22 of the anime, it is revealed that he is the eldest of six siblings, most of which appear to be under enlistment age.
  • According to Eld, Oruo cried and soiled himself on his first mission with the Scout Regiment.[2]
  • Oruo, having been unaware of the Female Titan's hardening ability, never knew why his blades did not cut her nape.[5]
  • Hajime Isayama has stated that Oruo and Petra were from the same batch of cadets.[8]