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Oruo Bozad (オルオ・ボザド Oruo Bozado?) is a 2nd year Titan Junior High School student and a member of the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment.


Oruo has a light brown undercut and peculiarly imitates Levi's emotionless eyes. He also wears the standard male uniform of the school.


A member of the Titan Junior High Survey Club who talks a lot. His tongue-biting mannerism is pretty exaggerated that it has been shown that he bites his tongue at least three times a day. Oruo is also a hardworking student who is very overconfident. He has a tendency to copy Levi's way of speaking.


Oruo is approached by first-years who want access to his club. He denies their entry and fights Eren while trying to close the door. He falls and bites his tongue in the process. He is tended to by his friends who, unlike Oruo, welcome them into their club.[1]


  • Petra Rall - Oruo typically tries to impress Petra by boasting, which actually repels her from thinking highly of him. He tends to imitate Levi around her as well, often making her feel uncomfortable. Even so, the two of them seem to have a close friendship.
  • Levi - Oruo is slightly intimidated by Levi, giving him the more reason to copy his actions. They are often comically interacting as club members.