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This article contains heavy SPOILERS. Continue at your own risk, or use the links below to switch to another version of the page without spoilers

The Orvud District (オルブド区 Orubudo-ku?) is the northern district of Wall Sheena.[1]


After turning himself into an enormous Titan and surfacing above ground, Rod Reiss slowly makes his way towards the Orvud District. As an abnormal Titan with no true control of himself, he is drawn by the amount of people in the city. Under Erwin Smith's orders they are not to evacuate the citizens for fear that he will then be drawn towards Wall Sheena.[2] Erwin proposes to wait for Rod Reiss from the city and he creates an emergency plan of evacuation.[3] The Garrison accept his plan and wait for him at dawn at the top of the Wall.
Ready for war

The soldiers prepare to fight a top of Orvud District's Wall

The Garrison launch a massive attack against the Titan with a cannon barrage.[4] They inflict much damage on the Titan, but it withstands the attack. The frightened people inside the city can only watch as the gargantuan Titan manages to climb the Wall.[5] Three children in the city remind Eren of the time when he, Armin, and Mikasa were children too and they had to watch as Shiganshina District was destroyed by the Colossus Titan.[6] However the Survey Corps has a plan to use gunpowder to blow Rod's hands first and then his head, exposing his real body. The plan succeeds and Rod is killed by Historia at the top of the Wall.[7] After that she falls onto a wagon at the lower part of the Wall, where she finds Orvud's citizens watching the battle. They recognize her as the person who killed the Titan. There she announces that she is the new queen.[8]


  • "Orvud" is an Estonian word which means "orphans".
  • According to Levi, the Garrison of this district are less effective than the Garrison of Wall Rose, because they are not used to fighting Titans.[9]



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