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This article is about the "utopia" where Eldians are sent to become Titans. For the northern territory of Wall Rose, see Utopia District.

Paradis (パラディ Paradi?) is an island on which the three Walls, Maria, Rose, and Sheena, are located.[1] The island is massive in size and is just off the coast of Marley,[1] the refined society where Grisha Yeager hails from.[2]


Late into the history of the Eldian Empire, the 145th King of the Fritz family chose to abandon the conflict between the eight other Titan houses on the continental mainland and moved the capital of Eldia to Paradis, a remote island at the time. In the King's absence, the Great Titan War began. As Eldia lost more and more territory to the Marleyans, the minority bloodlines of the empire, the King gathered as many Eldians and members of the royal family as was possible before raising three Walls around their last piece of undisputed territory in the year 743. Some time after the raising of the Walls, the new Marley government built a 30-meter border Wall along the southern shore of the island to prevent the Titans from escaping to the ocean.[3]

Geography and Climate


An exaggerated representation of the territory of the Walls

The island of Paradis appears to have a temperate climate, with the northern regions of the land being especially cold, rarely exceeding 30° C on the hottest summer days.[4] However, the coldness of the northern regions of the island are alleviated by the occasional presence of hot springs.[5]

While it is unknown what area of Paradis is covered by the Walls raised by the First King, it is evident that the central region of the Walls is at a higher elevation than the outermost territories. Some regions of the land are home to Titan Forests, where the trees are known to reach as high as 80 meters, possibly due to the unique content of the soil.[6] The island of Paradis is also rich with various minerals and natural resources,[7] which made the land a valuable target for the people of Marley over eighty years after the end of the Great Titan War.[8]

Other Media

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall

In the first episode of the Attack on Titan anime as well as the light novel series Attack on Titan: Before the Fall and The Science of Attack on Titan guidebook, the total area of the territory within the Walls is said to be approximately 720,000 km².[9][10] While this data has not been confirmed in the manga, it nonetheless gives the implication that the island of Paradis must be massive in size, comparable to a landmass such as Greenland.

In the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall novel series and manga, the area of Paradis to the south of the Walls is shown to be a flat, desert wasteland with minimal forested area and scattered plateaus, contrasting with the temperate climate within the Walls.[11] This conflicts with the portrayal of the world beyond the Walls in the Attack on Titan: No Regrets manga and OVA adaptation as well as the main manga itself in Chapter 90, which show the world beyond the Walls to be very similar in climate and geography to the world within the Walls.[12][13][14]


  • If turned upside-down and mirrored, the territories of Marley and Paradis are very similar to the real life continental territory of Africa and the island of Madagascar, respectively.



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