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Quote1 Are you really going to let them twist the truth like this?! Quote2
— Peaure to Chief Roy about the Interior MP

Peaure (ピュレ Pyure?) is a journalist who works for the Stohess Berg Newspapers and often associates himself with veteran journalist Roy. He wishes to change the current state of the news agency, which only spreads the monarchy's propaganda within the Walls.


Peaure is a young man with a short crop of black hair, who is often seen wearing a cap and a pair of black, thick-rimmed glasses. His clothing consists of black pants and a black vest, with a white shirt underneath.


The Uprising arc

Peaure is first shown alongside Roy, investigating the aftermath of the battle between the Survey Corps and the Military Police First Interior Squad. He notes that the Interior MP is a separate branch from the regular Military Police. However, he is quickly interrupted by Roy, as the news agency is not allowed to report anything on the Interior MP or the anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment, on the request of Nile Dok.

Moblit grabs Beaure

Moblit grabs Peaure's hand

Peaure is later seen inside the Berg Newspapers office, reviewing the report on the battle. After reading the false propaganda for the Military Police, he inquires as to why Roy became a journalist. As Roy explains himself, Peaure suddenly notices Hange Zoë, who was overhearing the conversation between the two. While Hange talks to Roy, Peaure quickly starts writing in notes, but is immediately stopped by Moblit Berner, who twists his hand.[2]

After Flegel Reeves is saved by Hange and Moblit, Peaure and Roy are shown hiding behind cover, each with a notebook in their hands. Peaure encourages Roy to write about the truth and expose the First Interior Squad, but he refuses in fear of everyone's lives being endangered.[3] In response, Peaure violently shakes his former mentor, telling him that the monarchy does not care about the people living inside the Walls and that if the Titans get in, they will let him and his family perish. This is enough to convince Roy to go forward with delivering the truth to the public.[4]



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