The Peering Titan (覗き込む巨人 Nozokikomu Kyojin?) was a Titan that appeared in Trost District after the Colossal Titan breached it. It was the Titan that ate Mina Carolina.


The Peering Titan was a 3-4m class Titan and had a disproportionately big head and shoulder-length, messy, brown hair with brown eyes. Its body was relatively toned, and it always had an angered expression on its face.


The Struggle for Trost arc

Mina killed anime

The Peering Titan kills Mina Carolina

During the battle for Trost District, this Titan happens to catch its arm on Mina Carolina's omni-directional mobility gear grapple wire mid-air, bringing her crashing against the Wall and then down to the ground, knocking her into a daze. The Peering Titan spots her just before she gathers herself and then goes on to pick her up and bite most of her head off as she struggles, killing her as other cadets die around them.[2]

It is seen once more afterwards, having made its way with other smaller Titans into the equipment depot of the military headquarters in Trost. As part of Armin Arlelt's plan to clear out the Titans from the depot, Sasha Braus attacks it, but fails to land a killing blow. As the Titan approaches Sasha, Mikasa Ackermann comes to her rescue, killing the Titan.[3]

People Killed

Failed Attempts



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