Quote1 Only one eye?! It prioritized one eye to accelerate the healing… Is that even possible? Quote2
— Petra's last words.[2]

Petra Rall (ペトラ・ラル Petora Raru?) was a soldier of the Scout Regiment hand-picked by Captain Levi for the Special Operations Squad.


Petra was a relatively short woman. She had light-ginger hair and amber-colored eyes. She wore the typical uniform of a member of the Scout Regiment, with a white button-up shirt underneath.


Petra looked up to Levi as a captain and cared deeply for her team, but was notably at odds with Oruo, due to his tendency to imitate Levi.

Petra was kind and caring, as shown when she looked after and guided Eren when he was first admitted to the squad. She seemed to have acted as some sort of attachment figure for Eren among Levi's Squad as she was the one shown to worry about him. Although all of Levi's squad wished (and demanded, to an extent) Eren's unconditional trust, it was ultimately Petra who convinced him to do so.

Despite her kind nature, Petra was a conditioned soldier with a quick reaction time against perceived danger, such as the time when Eren accidentally transformed into a half Titan, she took an extreme reaction and interrogated him alongside her squad.[3] She also displayed extreme loyalty to her leaders and superiors and their orders.

She also showed the most remorse over her reaction to Eren's accidental transformation. Along with her comrades, she had bitten her hand just like Eren, signifying that they had established a close bond.


Ilse's Notebook: Record of a Fallen Soldier

During the 49th expedition beyond the Walls, Petra watches as Oruo attempts to harass Hange Zoë, and is choked for his efforts. When Oruo begins insulting Hange as she leaves, Petra criticizes him for his immature behavior.

When Hange breaks away from the regiment to pursue a Titan on her own, Erwin sends Levi's squad to keep her safe. After the Titan is killed, Petra points out to the rest of her comrades the headless body of a Scout Regiment soldier, seemingly enshrined in a nearby tree by the Titan they had been pursuing.[4]

The Struggle for Trost arc

Petra trying to save comrade

Petra trying to save her comrade

Petra is first introduced during an expedition outside Wall Rose, tending to a critically injured soldier. When she is unable to stop the bleeding, she helps Levi comfort their dying comrade and mourns his death.[5]

Eve of the Counterattack arc

She is later revealed to be a member of the Special Operations Squad, or Squad Levi, and is ordered to guard Eren Jaeger. It is established that she greatly admires Levi, and argues frequently with Oruo Bozad over his imitation of their commander and his harsh behavior.[1]

While initially wary of Eren and quick to draw her swords when he transforms by accident, she readily accepts him afterward. She is the first of the group to bite her hand in imitation of Eren's method of transforming, and notes that doing so is actually quite painful. She serves as a gentle, almost maternal presence within the squad and discusses with Eren the importance of trusting one's comrades completely.[3]

The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc

When the Female Titan begins her attack on the 57th Expedition, Petra is one of those most vocal about Eren avoiding battle. She repeatedly begs him to trust in his commanders and comrades, and accept the sacrifices of others so that the mission can keep going. Eren eventually makes the decision to follow her advice, allowing the Scouts to successfully capture the Female Titan in a trap.[3] Afterward, the Special Operations Squad climb to one of the giant trees and
The Female Titan is back

The Female Titan appears behind Squad Levi

is ordered to standby while efforts are made to capture the human within the Female Titan. However, the operation ends in failure because the Female Titan uses a scream to summon other Titans to her position and is devoured by them.

Afterward, the squad begins to retreat back to their horses, when a flare leads them off-course. They are then ambushed by an unknown person who murders Gunther Schultz[6] before they transform back into their Titan form. Eren is ordered to flee while the surviving squad members engage the Titan in battle. Petra and the others initially have the upper hand since they blind the Female Titan with the omni-directional mobility gear's gas and cripple both her arms, making them useless. But when Petra and Eld Gin move in for the kill, the Titan suddenly regenerates a single eye  (demonstrating a previously-unknown ability to focus healing into fewer body parts to speed up the regenerative process as a defensive tactic) and bites Eld in half, killing him.[2]

Petra's corpse

Petra's corpse

Paralyzed from shock and despite Oruo's pleas, Petra is unable to react in time to the Female Titan's kick, which breaks her spine and splatters her against a tree.[2] Her corpse is seen by Levi with a silent expression when he tracks down the Female Titan. Levi would release his fury later while fighting with the Female Titan.[7]

Petra's body

Petra's corpse is tossed

During the Scout Regiment's retreat from the 57th expedition, Titans give chase after the surviving soldiers. In order to escape, Levi orders the troops to abandon the bodies of the deceased so that the weight would be lifted off from the wagons and they can go faster. One of the bodies that are disposed of is Petra's, whom Levi had been watching over.[7]

Her father comes to greet her when the troops return, and he appears to be nervous and tense when approaching Levi (presumably because he had yet to catch sight of her). He reveals that Petra wrote to him constantly, saying that she had great pride in being selected as a member of the Special Operations Squad. The contents of her letters suggest she may have been overly eager to excel in her career as a soldier, and this led her father to express worry over his daughter's safety. He implies that he would like her to settle down and get married, though he freely admits that she is still too young for a serious relationship. Levi listens to him in silence with a vacant, mortified expression on his face.[7]


Petra in combat

Petra in combat

She was a skilled and experienced warrior using the omni-directional mobility gear and had a high kill record of Titan kills (58 Titans killed, 48 in team and 10 in solo), being one of the highest known in the series so far.[1] For that reason, she was handpicked by Levi to take part of the Special Operation Squad. Her coordination with Oruo and Eld was almost perfect, as they were close to defeating the Female Titan by themselves.

Petra Rall's Statistics [8]:



  • Levi - Petra was hand-picked to be part of the Special Operations Squad. Petra expressed great admiration for her captain, and criticized Oruo for imitating him. She noted that many people are surprised upon actually meeting him and admitted that he does not live up to the legend of 'Humanity's Strongest Soldier' due to his many personality quirks and flaws. It was revealed after her death that she wrote to her father about her wish to devote herself to Levi. Petra's closeness to Levi led her father to believe she was considering him for marriage.
  • Eren Jaeger - Initially, she was uneasy around him and drew her swords on him when he accidentally transforms. However, after learning that it was a mistake, she apologizes for her behavior and bites her own hand to acknowledge him as a comrade. She quickly took him under her wing, and acted as an almost maternal figure during his month with the Special Operations Squad. During the mission in the forest, she repeatedly asked him to place his trust completely in his comrades and wished for him to believe in her. Petra's death deeply affected Eren.
  • Petra and Oluo in combat

    Petra and Oruo working together in unison

    Oruo Bozad - Petra and Oruo were frequently at odds, often bickering with each other. She was highly critical of his attempts to imitate Levi, and demanded that he stop. She also stated that he should bite his tongue off and die. However, beneath this seeming-hostility was a strong bond of trust born from their many missions together. He also told Petra, "You're still ways to go to be fitting for my wife." His horror after her death, and attempts to mimic the man she admired hints that he may have harbored feelings for her.
  • Eld Gin and Gunther Schultz - As comrades, she had great faith in them and cared deeply for her comrades. She was enraged after Gunther was murdered, and repeatedly challenged the Female Titan while swearing revenge. Eld's death similarly shook her and caused her to panic and freeze, which eventually led to her death.


  • Petra was the only female in the original Special Operations Squad led by Levi.
  • Her name is Greek in origin, written "Πέτρα" and meaning "rock" or "stone." it is also the name of an ancient city in the region that is now Jordan.
  • Her 58 total Titan kills is the highest confirmed so far in the series; although only 10 have been in solo and 48 in team (a record too). In solo, the record belongs to Oruo with 39. Nevertheless, Levi as Humanity's Strongest Soldier is assumed to surpass both of them, but his total statistics have not been revealed.
  • According to Eld, Petra cried and soiled herself during her first mission with the Scout Regiment.[6]
  • Hajime Isayama has stated that Petra and Oruo were from the same batch of cadets.[9]