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Quote1 It's been two months since the last time I turned back into a human. I forget how to walk on two legs every time this happens. Quote2
— Pieck to Reiner after the battle at Fort Slava[3]

Pieck (ピーク Pīku?) is an Eldian warrior serving the Marley government and the current holder of the Cartman Titan.


Human form

Pieck is a short young woman with long, disheveled black hair and relaxed eyes. She wears a long trench coat and skirt which goes down to her ankles as well as the Eldian armband on her left arm as required of all Eldians under the authority of Marley. Recently, Pieck has begun to walk with a crutch, having lost some grasp on the ability to walk upright after spending two months straight in her quadrupedal Titan body.

Titan form

In her Titan form, "Cartman", Pieck is 4 m tall[2] and walks on all four limbs in a quadrupedal fashion as its name implies. Her torso is long and flat, allowing for materials to be easily packed onto her back. Her face is elongated, bearing wide lips and a large nose with a very small forehead and a huge mouth has no distinct female features.


Return to Shiganshina arc

After Zeke and his army appear, Pieck is seen walking among them, acting as a mule by carrying crates and barrels strapped to her back.[4] When Erwin Smith sees this, he theorizes that Pieck has intelligence and acted as a scout to warn Reiner Braun of the Survey Corps' oncoming approach.[5]

The Quadrupedal Titan snatches Zeke

Pieck snatches Zeke

Erwin's theory was correct. Pieck had been watching the Survey Corps' movement toward Shiganshina District. As Zeke was conversing with Reiner and Bertolt Hoover, the Titan spoke, warning them of the Survey Corps' imminent arrival.[6]

After the battle with the Survey Corps begins, Pieck assists Zeke by supplying him with rocks to crush and throw at the soldiers.[7]

After Zeke slaughters most of the Survey Corps in their final charge, Levi Ackerman brutally rips apart Zeke's Titan and removes him from the nape, preparing to feed Zeke to any surviving Survey Corps member he could inject with the Titan serum. Pieck surprises Levi when she charges at him and Zeke from behind and steals Zeke in her mouth, barely giving Levi room to escape. Pieck then flees with Zeke, and the remaining Titans are ordered to kill Levi by the warchief. The two are then pursued by a determined Levi as he begins to take down the Titans and vows to keep his promise to Erwin.[8]

Jean saves Hange from the Quad Titan

Pieck attacks Hange

Pieck appears inside Shiganshina with Zeke on her back. She quickly makes her way over to Eren Yeager who is sitting on a rooftop holding Bertolt Hoover captive. She stops and stands by as Zeke and Eren speak. During this time, Zeke reveals that he knows Eren's father, Grisha Yeager. Before he can go into detail, Levi appears atop the Wall and jumps down to pursue them. Pieck then sprints away at Zeke's command.[9]

After Reiner had been located, Pieck appears out of nowhere and lunges at Hange Zoë, attempting to crush her in its jaws; however, Jean Kirstein is able to tackle her out of the way in time. Hange quickly gets to her feet, blade ready, but is shocked when she sees Pieck holding her hostage, Reiner, in her mouth. Pieck then makes off with him and is pursued by Connie Springer, who is then ordered to stop by Hange as she believes he will just have the tables turned on him.[10] As Levi, Eren, and Mikasa Ackerman debate over who will be injected with the Titan serum and devour the now-defeated Bertolt, Erwin or Armin Arlert, Pieck climbs and reaches atop Wall Maria with Zeke and Reiner, looking on.[11]

Four years later, Pieck is present at the battle of Fort Slava at the climax of the war between Marley and the Mid-East Allied Forces. While it is suggested by Colt that she should engage in combat with the fort's defenses, Commander Magath denied the suggestion due to the presence of anti-Titan artillery which could kill any Titan with a single 100mm round.[12] Once the artillery is destroyed, Pieck enters the battlefield with her Cartman fully armored and equipped with four manned machine guns and begins to assault the bunkers of the Mid-East Allied Forces alongside Galliard's Jaw Titan.[13]

After the battle, Pieck joins Galliard and Reiner, recovering from his injuries received in the battle. As a result of spending two months straight in her Titan form, Pieck has been forced to walk with a crutch. While Reiner leaves, Pieck stays behind to rest by Galliard. She tells Reiner to go find the warrior cadets.[14] She later joins the rest of the Marley military on the train returning to their homeland, seated among the other warriors.[15] When the train reaches the station, Pieck gets off the train and walks with the rest of the warriors towards the Liberio Internment Zone. When inside, she is happily greeted by a middle-aged man.[16]


Porco Galliard has implied that Pieck was praised for her intellect when they were cadets.[17]

Power of the Titans

Pieck has the power to transform herself into a 4m Titan known as the Cartman Titan. It is the shortest of all known human-controlled Titans. Unlike most others who cannot remain in their Titan forms for extended periods of time at risk of absorption, Pieck is able to stay in this form indefinitely.

  • Speed: Like the Jaws Titan, Pieck's Titan is known for its devastating speed. During the Mission to Regain the Founding Titan, Pieck was able to successfully retake Zeke from his devastated Beast Titan form during his fight against Levi Ackerman. This incapacitated him long enough for them to make their escape. During the battle at Fort Slava, Pieck was tasked alongside Galliard to take out the bunkers of the Mid-East Allied Forces.
  • Enhanced Strength: Pieck's Titan form is able to carry barrels and crates across her back.
  • Communication: Pieck is capable of speech in her Titan form. During the Return to Shinganshina arc, she acted as a scout for Zeke and Reiner, warning them of the imminent Survey Corps. She shares this ability with Ymir and Zeke.


  • Porco Galliard - Pieck appears to be very close friends with Porco. The two warriors grew especially close during the Marley Mid-East War, frequently fighting by each other's side in several battles including the battle of Fort Slava at the end of the war. She occasionally refers to him by the affectionate nickname "Pock" (ポッコ Pokko?), though this name seems to irritate him.[14]

People Killed


Failed attempts



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