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Price is a doctor working in San Francisco.


Dr. Price is a middle-aged white man with short light brown hair. He has dark-colored eyes with a thick mustache that covers his upper lip and a thick beard connecting to his sideburns.


Dr. Price is a hopeful man. He is determined to stop the riots in San Francisco by getting proof that there are still whales that are alive. He wants to inspire the city to work together and recover from the riots going as far as risking his life when his helicopter is getting shot at.[1]


On top of a building in San Francisco, Dr. Price and his assistant discuss the riots in the city below. Price informs his assistant of his plan to bring hope back to the people as they await pickup from a helicopter. His assistant is skeptical, suggesting that they should instead take the helicopter out of the city before matters become worse, but Price insists on his decision and the two board the helicopter upon its arrival.[2]

Price tells the pilot to head to the ocean shore and starts explaining his findings when he is interrupted by the sound of gunfire in the city below. Price tells his assistant to ignore the riot and instead focus the camera on the bay instead.[3]

Price's hope

Price's hope

Gunfire from below strikes their helicopter, and the pilot insists that they must land. Price urges him to keep to their course, expressing the importance of his need to bring hope to the people. The pilot points out figures beneath the surface of the water and Price orders his assistant to begin filming the return of the whales he picked up on his sonar system. Price begins to tell the others that the world is resilient and can recover from all its problems. As their helicopter continues to take damage, Price tells his cameraman to keep the camera on the movement in the water to catch the whales surfacing. Price begins to struggle with the pilot in order to ensure his assistant can continue filming but the pilot pushes him back.[1]