Priyanka is one of the three Colossus Titan cosplayers in Attack on Demoncon, the tenth story of Attack on Titan Anthology.


Priyanka has brown eyes and fair hair tied in a bun. During the convention, she wears a leotard representing the Colossus Titan upper body and a matching mask.


Along with her friends Lisa and Sakura, Priyanka is about to join the convention, disguised as a Colossus Titan. She expresses nervosity at cosplaying in front of a large crowd, but motivated by her friends, she puts her mask on and lets people take photographs of her.[1]

The three ladies come across a group of four young men disguised as Survey Corps soldiers. As Lisa slaps one of them, she asks what happened.

After Lisa beat three of them, Priyanka comments they will not lay their hands on a Titan or anyone with a costume for a while.[2]