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Ralph (ラルフ Rarufu?) is a former member of the Military Police Brigade's First Interior Squad.


Ralph appears to be an older member of the Military Police Brigade's First Interior Squad. He has short, light colored hair and a goatee.


Like most Military Police, Ralph looked down upon those from the Survey Corps; laughing to himself as his companion, Djel Sannes, blatantly insulted them for their efforts.[3] However, in contrast to his companion, Ralph may not be as devoted to the king and keeping the security of the Walls, as he ended up going along with the Survey Corps' plans in compensation for his own life, ultimately betraying the secrets of his companions and organization.[4] As a part of the First Interior Squad, his job was to dispose people viewed as threats, such as brutally assisting with the murder of Minister Nick.[5] A younger Ralph is once seen seemingly encouraging Djel to go through with torturing a teacher,[6] showing that he is capable of quite a degree of cruelty as well.


The Uprising arc

Ralph is a member of the Military Police who, along with his partner, Djel Sannes, is investigating the murder of Minister Nick. They refuse Hange Zoë entrance into the room, claiming that she will interfere with the crime scene and guard the Minister's door. Hange notices signs of torture on the Minister's body, so she decides to interrogate the military guards.

Djel continues to interact with Hange as Ralph listens silently to their conversation; the former states that the most probable reason for murder was a robbery. Hange begins to ask too many questions and Djel inspects her badge only to figure out that she, along with her assistant Moblit Berner, are from the Survey Corps. Ralph begins taking his own notes and states how the system is so tiny that using such great ranks sound hollow.[7]
Ralph snickering at Djel's remarks

Ralph snickering at Djel's remarks

Djel turns hostile at this reveal and begins to talk down to the two soldiers and he says that he and Ralph have been doing their job for decades and that if they do not have experiences in capturing a culprit that they should go away and count Titans, and Ralph is seen snickering at his remarks.[8]

However, Hange and Moblit do not respond to their insults and laughter. Instead, they are shocked to find two soldiers from the First Interior Squad out in the southern Trost District as they inspect Djel's badge, where the Military Police had no jurisdiction.[9]
Ralph and Djel fall from a cliff

Ralph and Djel duped into a trap

Hange ends up entrusting the investigation to the Military Police and asks Djel and Ralph to relay a message to the culprits, that even if they believe what they had done was right or were just blatantly following orders, she promises to personally make them feel even more pain than Nick had suffered. Noticing the torn skin on Djel's knuckles when she shook his hand, Hange concludes as she leaves that he, along with Ralph, had tortured Nick.[10]

Ralph and Djel are later seen being led to the location of where Eren and Historia are being held by Dimo Reeves on a horse carriage, unaware that he had been falsely mislead information to be betrayed.[11] According to plan, the horse slips and the carriage, along with Djel and his partner, falls into the deep trench below them.[12] It is shown that Hange and Levi caught Djel and Ralph before they fell to their deaths, and brought their unconscious bodies back to their hideout.[13]
Ralph is forced to read a script

Ralph is forced to read a script out loud so Djel could hear

Sometime after being captured by Hange and Levi, Ralph is seen restrained by them as he begins to walk up the stairs with the two soldiers alongside him as they pass by the room that Djel was being held in. Levi insults Ralph about how pitiful and weak he was compared to his partner, who refused to speak even after they ripped off all his fingernails and how it only took one nail from him to tell them everything, and Djel can clearly hear in onto their conversation.

Ralph tells them that that is Djel's choice and that he does not care, telling them that his partner was always crazy about the king and maintaining peace, which was a nuisance to everyone.[14]

Levi then presses a knife to Ralph's neck with Hange holding out a script in front of him, revealing that Ralph had been forced to read from a script the entire time, clearly terrified. Ralph asks Hange and Levi to just kill Djel from them and the two soldiers tell him they will not until they can verify what Djel tells him with his own statement. Ralph tells them that they are very through with this and claims that everything he told them was true. As they lead him away, Ralph also asks if he will receive a bed in prison to which they respond that he will, along with two meals a day, and after they confirm the information they received from him with Djel, they will allow them to room together as well.[15]


  • Djel Sannes - Djel's companion and friend, the pair were always seen together and appeared to be close prior to being captured by Hange and Levi.[3] While a hostage, he ends up insulting him, claiming to not care about his injured condition and asking for him to be killed, however that was possibly never Ralph's true feelings, as he was being forced to read from a script.[16]



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