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This article contains heavy SPOILERS. Continue at your own risk, or use the links below to switch to another version of the page without spoilers
Ymir titan form The subject of this article has no official name.
It is a fan-given name as substitute for lack thereof, and should not be considered as part of the Attack on Titan universe.

The Reiss Chapel was a church owned by the Reiss family. On the surface, it appeared to be a regular church that the Reiss family frequently prayed in, but below the surface it served as the site where all the Reiss succession rituals took place and possibly more.


The Reiss Chapel was a small church to the east of Orvud District. Above ground it looked and functioned like any other church. Below the altar, hidden by a rug, was a stairway that led to a large underground cavern. The cavern was created by the First King,[1] and contained hardened crystal Walls that produced their own natural illumination.[2][3]


The cavern below the chapel was created over 100 years ago by the First King.[4] Some time afterwards the Reiss Chapel was built above it. The chapel has been destroyed twice; the first happening during Grisha Yeager's attack on the Reiss family,[5][6] the second was after Rod Reiss became an extremely large abnormal Titan, thus splitting the ground above him due to his size.[7] The first time, it was covered up by saying that it was destroyed due to bandits.



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