Quote1 What was I supposed to do, lie in the report? Covering up the truth wouldn't do humanity any good. Quote2
— Rico justifies reporting Eren[5]

Rico Brzenska (リコ・ブレツェンスカ Riko Buretsensuka?) is the team leader (班長 Hanchō?) of Squad Rico and a member of the Garrison's 1st Division Elite Forces. She is the only surviving leader of the Alpha Squad assigned to protect Eren Yeager during the liberation of Trost District.


Rico is a rather short woman with a small but secure build. She has shaggy, cheek length, blonde hair. She wears a small framed pair of glasses held on by bands placed around her head to keep them from falling off during combat. She also wears the typical Garrison uniform with a white button up shirt underneath and during a later mission, she is seen wearing a green Garrison cloak.[6]


Rico has a very mixed personality. At first glance, it may appear as though she does not feel sympathy as she was very open to the idea of killing Eren, Mikasa, and Armin after it was discovered that Eren has the power of the Titans.[7]

Rico began to lose her calm demeanor as the Titans gradually wiped out her comrades. However, for the most part, she maintains a composed, leadership role, and bravely cuts a Titan's eye out when it interferes with Eren's carrying the boulder. Once Trost is reclaimed, Rico sits among the wasteland of corpses and begins to shed tears for her fallen comrades, and for the first victory for humanity over the Titans.[8]


Battle of Trost District arc

Rico happy her comrades did not die in vain

Rico happy her comrades did not die in vain

Rico is first seen when Eren, Armin, and Mikasa are cornered by Kitz Weilman. She agrees that they should be executed because they could be dangerous.[9] However, before they are executed, Dot Pixis saves the three and enlists them in a mission to retake Trost District. For this mission Rico, along with Mitabi Jarnach and Ian Dietrich, is assigned to guard Eren against Titans while he moves a boulder over the hole caused by the Colossus Titan. She later observes Eren in his Titan form losing control and attacking Mikasa. Because of this, she declares the mission a loss and signals to Dot Pixis that they have failed.

After proposing to leave an unconscious Eren to be killed by the Titans and pleading with Ian to issue a retreat, she is ordered to take out an approaching 12m Titan. Ian begins to shout at her when she questions him, demanding if she has a solution for the Titans other than using Eren to say so. She admits that she does not have a solution and eventually agrees that Eren is irreplaceable.[10] When Eren recovers, Rico, along with the rest of the elite squad, cuts a path to the breach and takes out many Titans. When the rock is finally in place, she observes that almost everyone else is dead and tearfully fire the green signal flare indicating the success of the mission.[11]

The Female Titan arc

Rico tells Mikasa that lying would not do good

Rico tells Mikasa that lying would not do good

Rico had given the report of their mission at Eren's trial, and testifies against him, convinced that she had to. While at the trial, she convinces Mikasa to tell the truth, stating that lying would not help Eren's case.[5]

Clash of the Titans arc

Rico lands

Rico kills a Titan

Rico does not appear again until the Garrison is deployed against the Titans which have mysteriously appeared within Wall Rose. Kitz Weilman is in charge of the Eastern line of defense, and is luring Titans into cannon fire while Rico uses her vertical maneuvering equipment to cut their necks during their recovery from the cannon blast.[12]

The Uprising arc

After the Survey Corps return from the massacre that occurred during Eren's rescue from Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover, Rico can be seen aiding and giving water to a dehydrated Historia Reiss and calmly assuring her there are no Titans. She is also concerned about Connie Springer, who appears emotionally weak due to the events that recently transpired.[13]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Rico atop Wall Rose

Rico as she waits for the Survey Corps' return

As Armin Arlert explains his plan for victory against the Colossus Titan to Eren, Rico stands with other Garrison members atop Wall Rose, worrying if the operation to retake Wall Maria and humanity's land will be successful.[14]


She is considered one of the most skilled members of the Garrison, earning her a place on the Elite Squad during the mission in Trost.

Rico Brzenska's Statistics [15]: