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Rico Brzenska (リコ・ブレツェンスカ Riko Buretsensuka?) is a 2nd year Titan Junior High School student and the captain of the Wall Cleanup Club.


Along with the vertical maneuvering equipment which is always by her side, Rico sports with a mop of white hair along with her thin oval glasses. She also wears a pair of green and white gym clothes with her name on them.


As the captain of the Wall Cleanup Club, she sees it her duty to keep the Walls in good condition and well guarded. Rico dedicates most of her time into maintaining the Walls against the Titans, illustrating that she is a focused student and upperclassman.


Rico's Introduction

Rico's introduction

After Eren and the gang were designated to another club, Rico warmly welcomes the group to the Wall Cleanup Club as a part of her introduction. Rico explains the main statistics of the club being originally up to a hundred members but at this moment she is the only one left. As Jean comments on the basic purpose of the club, Rico attests that they can choose any club they want, leaving out the exception of human clubs which are already full. With that said, Rico orders them their first task; clean all the windows on the new building.

On Jean's attempt to escape, Rico is on guard and takes him down. She introduces the club's secret weapon to the gang, the omni-directional mobility gear. She demonstrates the uses of the gear, mainly for cleaning the Walls. As Eren and Jean fights over the device, she remarks the both with acting so childish. In order to close the groups anticipation, she pledges to teach them only if they finish their given task. Moments later, Rico nags about the groups determination for the gear only to be greeted by a dazzling gleam coming from the cleanness of the windows. Fascinated by the group's output, she fulfills her promise.

Disappointed with Eren's repetitive failure, Rico suggests that if he does not know how to use the gear, he would have to leave the club. With Armin deducting the gear to be broken as the cause of Eren's failure, Rico denies it. She explains the history of the mechanism as if it were made like a joke. Rico declares that if she finds a single flaw in the gear itself, she will eat spaghetti through her nose. Up until a busted spring on Eren's gear catches her attention. Mikasa threateningly asks her about the truth in Armin's deduction, scaring Rico. She tries to uphold Hannes as he tries on Eren's broken gear causing the adviser to trample onto Jean. Luckily for her, Hannes' drunkenness covers up her faithful trust on the gear's condition. Rico adjourns the activity and proceeds to get the gear fixed.

The gang dissapointed of Eren's attempt

The club watches Eren fail

Rico hides the damaged part of the gear as she along with the first years rejoice on Eren's successful attempt. As Sasha senses a tremble on the ground, Rico instructs the group to take cover as she tells the sole purpose of the Wall Cleanup Club. Watching as the Titans horribly vandalize the Walls, she tries to stop a raging Eren from lunging into an attack. Much to her disappointment, Eren fails, suggesting that he did not really learn anything.[1]