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Rolf (ロルフ Rorufu?) was a member of the Survey Corps under the command of Carlo Pikale.


Rolf had short, light colored hair, and a dark colored beard. He appeared to be a man of average height.


Rolf participated in the expedition outside the Walls. During it, Kuklo, who snuck into the expedition to see a Titan, accidentally fired off a green signal flare. After being caught, he demanded to see the Commander. A moment later, a Titan appeared after spotting the green flare.

Being ordered to retreat, Rolf and the rest of the Survey Corps began to head back to the Walls. Despite their best efforts to elude it, it continued its pursuit, and chased after Rolf's cart, which Kuklo was also riding. While Rolf focused on getting back to the Walls, Kuklo told Rolf to get onto a horse and explained his idea to blow up the cart to stop the Titan.

Before he went on the horse, he gave Kuklo his sword to cut the harness. But before they could execute this plan, the Titan pounced onto the cart, destroying the cart and capturing Kuklo and Rolf in the process. Seeing that Rolf was in danger, the Survey Corps headed back towards the Titan, attempting to rescue Rolf and Kuklo. However, the Titan managed to fend them off.

The Titan was ready to eat Kuklo, but he managed to stab it in the eye with the knife Sharle Inocencio gave him, causing the Titan to release him. He drove the knife into the Titan to slow down his fall. Carlo then rescued him.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Rolf. After losing Kuklo, the Titan prepared to eat Rolf. The Survey Corps were forced to watch in horror as the Titan devoured Rolf, severing one of his arms in the process.