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The owner of the saloon where Levi fled (リヴァイが逃げ込んだ酒場の主人 Rivai ga Nigekonda Sakaba no Shujin?) is a man who owns and runs a bar in Stohess District.


This man is of average height. He is balding, but shows light hair at the sides and back of his head, as well as a thick mustache. His work attire consists of a dress shirt with a vest, and dark pants.


He appears to be meek individual, becoming petrified in fear when Levi and Kenny's fight spilled into his bar.


The Uprising arc

When Levi is attacked by Kenny Ackerman, he seeks shelter in this man's saloon. Recognizing Levi as a wanted man, he becomes terrified, and is only able to stand in fear as Levi and Kenny face off.[2]