• Before the Fall manga

Sammer (ザマー Zamā?) is a recruit of the Garrison stationed in Shiganshina District. He appears only in the Before the Fall side story "The Recruit's First Mission."


Sammer has his light hair parted in the middle. He wears the standard Garrison uniform with a white shirt underneath.


While Carlo Pikale is leading the Survey Corps in a retreat from a Titan, Sammer stands among many other recruits in Shiganshina District as an officer of the Garrison is declaring the situation to a group. Sammer doubts his own ability to handle the situation. He worries, thinking to himself about how he has only been out of the Training Corps for a single day. He salutes when the speech is concluded, despite himself.

Climbing Wall Maria on tall ladders, an older soldier notes Sammer's anxiety. As Sammer climbs with cannon supplies on his back, the old soldier urges Sammer to look behind him at the city he must defend, the front line of humanity. He shivers at the sight of Shiganshina standing behind him. Atop Wall Maria, the Garrison soldiers are recounting the situation as they spot Carlo's Survey Corps returning with a large Titan pursuing them. Sammer muses on the state of the front lines as the Garrison prepares to open fire on the Titan.[1]