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Sandra (サンドラ Sandora?) was a new recruit to the Survey Corps. She joined at some point after the crowning of Historia Reiss during the two months between the attack at Orvud District and the expedition returning to Shiganshina District.


Sandra was of average height and build and had long blonde hair that fell to her shoulders. She had bright, light colored eyes and bangs that fell over her forehead. After joining the Survey Corps, she wore the standard uniform of the regiment.


The Uprising arc

During the feast before the expedition to Shiganshina District, Sandra accompanies Floch as he rhetorically asks Jean Kirstein if 104th recruits and former Garrison members such as himself and his friends are unreliable.[1]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Sandra is seen again taking cover from the Beast Titan's projectiles during the Survey Corps' mission to retake Wall Maria. After learning from Levi Ackerman and Erwin Smith that all of the Corps' veteran members have been wiped out, she and her fellow recruits begin to panic.[2] As Sandra is cowering with Floch and Gordon, she is brought to attention by Erwin, who announces his plan to lead a suicide charge against the Beast Titan. Although Sandra becomes physically ill at the thought, she participates in the charge alongside her fellow soldiers.[3] She, alongside many of her fellow soldiers, is killed during the charge by the Beast Titan's projectiles.[4]



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