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Sharle Inocencio (シャルル・イノセンシオ Sharuru Inosenshio?) is the daughter of the late merchant, Dario Inocencio, and the younger sister of Xavi.


Sharle has very large eyes and long, blonde, smooth hair. Her hair has two strips braided on each side that are pulled to the back of her hair, with her bangs parting down the middle and cascading down each side of her face, well past her shoulders. She wears what appears to be a nightgown at the beginning of the manga. When seen later in the manga, she is wearing a light-colored, long-sleeved dress with a light-colored, short-sleeved jacket that buttons in the front and stops at the waist. She also wears a light-colored shawl tied in the front around her shoulders.


She comes off as innocent, but like many at a young age, she has a general interest in Titans and the outside world. She has long since come to the understanding that her existence was viewed by her father as a strategic ploy for a political marriage. Only after hearing of the "Titan's son" that lived under their very roof did she feel a sense of duty to her family and the town. Thinking that if she killed the "Titan's son", the town would be saved, and her birth would finally have actual meaning.

Sharle appears to take an interest in studying and books, as she shows that she has enough knowledge of the outside world she is capable enough of teaching it to others.[1] Sharle is also quite friendly, quickly warming up to the people she meets.


The Titan's Son arc

Sharle is scared

Sharle is scared of the Titan's son living in their home

After catching her first glimpse of a Titan on top of Wall Maria, she becomes resolute on killing the Titan's child, Kuklo.[1] However, she soon befriends him and starts to sneak in books for him to learn about the outside world. She was destined to be married off to a wealthy family, and when candidates started arriving, she is rather easily convinced by Kuklo to escape with him.[2] Sharle is protected by Xavi when the Titan worshipers sneak into the mansion. Afterwards, she is protected by Kuklo from Xavi, but Kuklo saves them by attacking the Titan worshipers. Xavi blames the house raid on Kuklo, slashing at his eye in punishment. Sharle claims that she no longer has a place in the household and the two of them depart to Shiganshina District before morning.[3]

Shiganshina arc

Sharle's farewell

Sharle bids farewell to Kuklo

Sharle and Kuklo take custody hidden in a traveler's wagon. Shiganshina comes into view. When the two of them settle down inside a shelter home, Sharle comes home with a bag of groceries. A solemn Sharle changes Kuklo's bandages around his eye. Sharle is promptly called down to prepare dinner.[4] When Sharle and Kuklo are sent to bed, Sharle fills him in on her arranged marriage with a Baumeister. Sharle advocates that she is grateful she left home.[5] The next morning, Sharle is excited to send the Survey Corps outside the Walls alongside the rest of the town. Kuklo recalls that Sharle saw a Titan years ago, and would like to see one for himself to ensure his identity. Sharle reminds him that he is human.[6] That night, Sharle prepares him for his expedition outside the Walls. She arms him with her special knife and prays that he will return safely.[7] Sharle is standing among the cheering people who send the Survey Corps off.[8]

Sharle is taken aback by the crowd of angry villagers awaiting the Survey Corps' return. She begins to be put at unease and is worried about Kuklo's well-being. Prior to the gates of Shiganshina closing, Sharle spots Kuklo and Carlo Pikale riding in last-minute behind the group.[9] While Kuklo is met by Military Police officers, a frantic Sharle is unable to reach him through the crowd. Before Kuklo leaves with the officers, he gives Carlo his knife.[10]

Sharle reaches Carlo and is questioned by him while stating Kuklo's reason to head outside the Walls. Carlo takes out Sharle's knife and gives it back to her, which she claims is her good luck charm. Despite the risks, Sharle conveys that she is prepared for the possibility of losing her freedom while freeing Kuklo from imprisonment in the process.[11] For a rendezvous with Kuklo later on, Carlo arranges for Sharle to be sent to the Industrial City by keeping her in one of the foremen's factories.[12]

Visit to the Industrial City arc

Kuklo thanks Sharle

Kuklo thanks Sharle for making him see the beauty in the world

In the Industrial City, Sharle runs into Kuklo and immediately hugs him. She meets Cardina, but is taken aback when he anoints himself as a Baumeisters, her formerly arranged betrothed. Cardina calms her and signifies that they should let bygones be bygones right as he confirms that their engagement is off. Sharle is helped with her groceries and returns to her temporary stay in a factory happily. She plans to make dinner as soon as she introduces her friends to Xenophon Harkimo.[13] When they make their way into Xenophon's office, however, they find that he is asleep. Sharle rushes in to wake him up.[14] As soon as Xenophon playfully calls Kuklo by his infamous nickname, the "Titan's son", Sharle sends him a glance of sympathy and proposes to make tea.[15] Sharle comes back with a tray in her hands, walking in on Xenophon and Jorge suggesting Kuklo and Cardina join the Survey Corps. In Kuklo's stead, Sharle vehemently protests for the sake of his safety. Kuklo interrupts her, affirming that he does not mind joining.[16]

Subsequent to the occurrences in Xenophon's office, Sharle bitterly leaves the table, claiming that she has to fix some tea. While brewing the tea, Sharle criticizes herself, calling herself awful for how she is behaved. She questions Kuklo's resolve as she is upset with his decision. Sharle is lost in her own thoughts so much, the tea starts boiling over.[17] Sharle steps out of the room and heads to Xenophon's office. She grabs a nearby hammer and blames Kuklo's decision on the "Device" and is ready to smash it. However, she stops herself for a second prior to Kuklo finding her. He bows his head in apology for making her worry by arriving late - Sharle quickly disagrees and believes that she should be the one apologizing. She explains her fear of Kuklo never returning again and breaks down in tears. Kuklo gives her a reassuring hug and apologizes once more.[18] Sharle and Kuklo sit down together and Sharle calmly asks for his reasons on joining the Survey Corps. He answers that he loves the people of this world, which confuses Sharle.[19] He then thanks her for the great impact she is made in his life; Sharle reminds him how she did not have enough power to help him out of the basement. Kuklo is grateful regardless, for helping him find out about himself as well as see the outside world.[20]

Sharle and Kuklo take a walk together outside. Kuklo states that he truly appreciates all the people they've met on their journey. Sharle solemnly reminds him that her family had treated him horribly, though Kuklo admits that he does not hate them either. This surprises Sharle, as she continues to clarify that her family was bitter to even their own daughter. Kuklo blatantly disagrees with her, proceeding by making her acknowledge that it was her father who requested her knife to be made to keep her fear of Titans at bay. Sharle gets teary-eyed, regretting how she overlooked her family.[21] Sharle is alarmed at Kuklo's comment that the Titans will return.[22]

The next morning, Sharle is taken to the outskirts of the Industrial City to see the iron bamboo. When Kuklo and the group run into the Military Police, Sharle comforts him by holding his hand.[23] Afterwards, Sharle makes her way into the thicket of iron bamboo. Sharle takes out her knife, which is made of the same material, and it reminds Xenophon of his early days as a foreman.[24] Sharle smiles at Kuklo and Cardina's playful quarrel about joining the Survey Corps, but she frowns thinking about it. She speaks up and announces that she will aspire to be a craftsman in order to improve the Device's currently-flawed design. She requests for Xenophon to take her in as an apprentice - which he does, to Sharle's delight. Xenophon believes that Sharle has potential as a craftsman, as Angel Aaltonen's assistant was of Sharle's age. Sharle finds out that she would perished in Shiganshina fifteen years ago.[25] Jorge tells everyone the story of the capture of a Titan fifteen years ago, with the supervision of Angel.[26]


  • Kuklo Munsell - During their first encounter, Sharle had planned to stab him. However, she later changes her mind based on his appearance and what seemed to be his desire to die. She decides, from that point on, to teach him about the world within the Walls and the little that is known about Titans. Kuklo is shown to be kind towards Sharle and the two form a strong friendship with one another during their time spent together. When Kuklo stated that he was going to escape, he asked Sharle to follow him which she tearfully agreed to. She later develops a romantic attraction towards Kuklo.
  • Dario Inocencio - Sharle's relationship towards her father is strained as she believes that his main interest was using her for his own benefits.
    • In the manga, Kuklo told Sharle that he believed that Dario does care for her. He revealed to Sharle that the protection knife she owned was made personally by the request of Dario because she was suffering from the nightmares of Titans, and even bet that her arranged marriage was his own way of ensuring that she had a good future. After learning of this side of her father through Kuklo, Sharle felt regret for her short-sightedness of Dario, and cried.
  • Xavi Inocencio - Her egotistic older brother. So far they've had few interactions, but he seems to believe firmly in his duties as an older sibling, as shown when he was attempting to defend he and Sharle from the Titan Cult. However, he changes his mind later when he felt that she was siding with Kuklo.
  • Cardina Baumeister - To some measure, Sharle does not trust Cardina due to his lineage.[27] Cardina tries to make their relationship easygoing, hopeful that they can associate with each other as friends and put the past behind them.


  • Her surname is of Spanish origin and means "innocent".


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