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Please be aware, before progressing any further, that this site contains heavy spoilers.


"That day, the human race remembered the terror of being dominated by them, and the shame of being held captive in a birdcage..." — Over 100 years ago, a natural predator of humanity appeared: the Titans, giant humanoid but mindless monsters whose sole purpose of existence seemed to be to devour humans. There was an insurmountable gap in power between them and mankind, and as a result, humanity was rapidly exterminated to the brink of extinction. The survivors responded by constructing three concentric walls: Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sina, which graced them with a century of peace. However, one day a Colossal Titan far larger than any other seen before breached the outer wall, allowing the smaller Titans to invade the human territory and forcing the survivors to retreat to the inner walls. Eren Jaeger, a boy whose mother was eaten during the invasion, vowed to wipe every last Titan off the face of the Earth, and joined the military determined to exact his revenge.

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Annie Leonhart character image

Annie Leonhart (アニ・レオンハート Ani Reonhāto?) is a graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps and former member of the Military Police Brigade. Her exceptional skill with swords and unarmed combat earned her the 4th rank, but she is noted to be a lone wolf that struggles to work with others.

As the Female Titan, Annie served as a major antagonist prior to being exposed and defeated by the Scout Regiment. She possesses the ability to transform into a Titan and from an early age she was trained to fight by her father. After her defeat, she crystallized herself and was left in a comatose state. She is currently being held deep underground under the custody of the Scout Regiment.

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Pieck character image

Pieck (ピーク Pīku?) is an Eldian Warrior serving the Marley government and the current inheritor of the Cart Titan.

Pieck is shown to be somewhat sweet and kind, consistently shown to care about her fellow Warriors and the Warrior cadets. She is very intelligent, able to quickly deduce a situation. When the Warriors were discussing the prospect of using the Tybur family to assist in their operations, Pieck was able to quickly figure things out, and Zeke Yeager implies this happens quite often. However, Pieck is usually shown to be quite eccentric and easy going. During the train ride to Liberio, Pieck gladly gave Colt Grice a drink when he asked for one, which led to him getting drunk and leading the other Eldian soldiers in a chant in favor of Gabi Braun. As a result of constantly being in her Titan form, Pieck has shown the habit of walking on all fours when few people are around, stating that it feels more natural; she is still capable of walking upright, although she occasionally requires a crutch to do so.

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Wall Sina, Goodbye - Part One (preview)

Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One (Wall Sina, Goodbye (前編) Wall Sina, Goodbye (Zenpen)?) is the 6th OVA episode of the Attack on Titan anime, released as episode 16.5A. It was produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

On the day before the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Hitch gives Annie Leonhart the task of finding a missing person, Carly Stratmann, the daughter of a wealthy merchant in Stohess District. She visits the Stratmann family mansion to ask Carly's father, Elliot G. Stratmann, about the circumstances that may be related to her disappearance. After little success, she researches the Stratmann family records for further information and discovers a connection between Carly and a tavern in Stohess District, the Pit Lidors.

At the tavern, Annie learns from the rowdy patrons that Carly frequently visited the tavern and was friendly to everyone there, but she often got angry when the patrons took the drug coderoin despite her casual attitude when they took other drugs. The bartender directs Annie to the neighborhood where Kemper Boltz, Carly's lover, lives, saying that he may know more about her activities. But after searching Kemper's home she finds coderoin and the corpse of a man beneath Kemper's bed. Before her search can be complete, an irritated neighbor comes to the door.

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Chapter 103 Cover

Assault (強襲 Kyōshū?) is the 103rd chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

Falco awakens to see the Survey Corps and the Warriors engaging one another. He finds Reiner partially transformed and unconscious in the rubble, and leaves to find him help. Mikasa unsuccessfully attempts to destroy the War Hammer's crystal, and Eren is also unsuccessful in consuming it. As the fight continues, Eren emerges from his Titan form, and immediately transforms again. Pieck and Galliard discuss their plan, agreeing to defend Zeke from the Survey Corps. Zeke proclaims that Eren is not his enemy, and tells Levi that it is time to come out.

Falco reaches Magath, and alerts him to Reiner's state as Gabi joins them. Meanwhile, Marleyan battleships approaching the harbor are destroyed when Armin transforms into the Colossus Titan from a boat nearby. Angered by Bertolt's death, Galliard attempts to rush down the Attack Titan, yet is stopped by Mikasa. Jean readies a squadron of Survey Corps soldiers to attack the Cart Titan. While Pieck is distracted, the Beast Titan's nape is slashed and detonated, using explosives, by Levi. Jean's squadron and Sasha begin to attack the Cart Titan, killing its Panzer Unit, and showering Pieck with explosives. Before Jean could deal the final blow, Falco rushes out onto the battlefield, begging for the fighting to stop.

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Levi takes down the Beast Titan
Levi takes down the Beast Titan
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